Earlier this year, SFL Canada announced and launched its #FreeToChoose Nanny State Campaign. The Free To Choose campaign focuses on calling out big government ridiculousness and absurd regulations in Canada. With the #FreeToChoose campaign, Students for Liberty Canada is telling the government to get out of our lives and to stop treating adults like children.

So far, our efforts have been featured on the CBC, CTV, in the Toronto Sun and much more!

Now, we are pleased to announce that SFL Canada will be offering Canadian students activism stipends of up to $250 for Nanny State activism! This means that if you are looking to do anti-nanny state activism on campus, or in your community, SFL Canada is offering up to $250 to help make it happen!

What are Nanny State or lifestyle regulations?
Nanny state laws (or lifestyle regulations) are regulations that limit consumer choice, trample on personal freedoms, and treat adults like children.

What are some examples of nanny state regulations?

  • Proposals to put graphic warning labels on alcohol
  • Cities mandating climate change warning stickers on gas pumps
  • Plain packaging tobacco
  • Additional taxes on sugar and products like soft drinks
  • Municipalities banning peer-to-peer services like Uber and AirBnB
  • Bans on selling alcohol in corner stores 14670769_1220384978029365_7833622546745217104_n
  • Heavy restrictions on vaping
  • The continued criminalization of cannabis

Nanny state activism includes, but is not limited to:

  • Handing out “plain packaged” goods on campus
  • Getting published in your campus newspaper
  • Hosting a speaker on campus to talk about regulation
  • Protesting lifestyle regulations in a creative way
  • Writing a blog post exposing ridiculous regulations
  • Tabling on campus about lifestyle regulation

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Yesterday, Students For Liberty staff and volunteers held a reception at the World Health Organization’s COP7 FCTC in New Delhi, India in order to present WHO with a very auspicious prize — the Least Transparent Organization of the Galaxy Award. 

SFL's Yael Ossowski

SFL’s Yael Ossowski

While the Council of Parties had its seventh conference (COP7) in the Delhi metropolitan area, we aimed to draw attention to the dogmatic attempts of the WHO to fight harm reducing and innovative technologies such as vaporizers and electronic cigarettes.

The WHO further qualifies for the award as it’s a shining beacon of hope for all proponents of keeping negotiations between bureaucrats secret and faintly informing the public only once their fate has been decided upon.

             Learn more & take the quiz at: nannystate.in

The smog and pollution outside is the most hazardous it’s ever been, but the UN health bureaucrats would rather regulate what we put into our own bodies than even think about harm reduction.

We were there at the event and stood up for individual rights with our local Indian activists, and we’re already going viral.


And the stunt made a splash on Twitter as well — check out the commentary under #COP7FCTC and look out for SFL-ers Fred Roeder and Yael Ossowski(more…)

Are we on the brink of The Vapour Revolution?

The answer is a resounding “yes,” according to a new Reason Foundation working paper of the same name. After years of improvement and adoption, the relatively new technology of e-cigarettes and vaporizers is set to improve global health drastically over the next few decades. That is, so long as the World Health Organization — and other regulatory health bodies around the world — don’t get their way.

E_Cigarettes,_Ego,_Vaporizers_and_Box_Mods_(17679064871)Co-authored by Julian Morris, vice president of research at Reason Foundation, and Dr. Amir Ullah Khan, a noted Indian economist, the paper highlights how innovation and competition in a relatively unregulated market has led to the development of vapes that are more effective, safer, and less costly. Such innovation has been far more rapid where vape products are regulated as consumer products than where they are regulated more heavily (in a similar manner to cigarettes and other tobacco products).

In these areas, vape products are attracting millions of smokers to switch from cigarettes. Considered 95 percent safer than smoking, vaping enables smokers to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.  (more…)

FreeToChoose LogoHuge congratulations to SFL Canada, who have recently generated a massive buzz around their #FreeToChoose activism! Taking its title from Milton and Rose Friedman’s famous defence of free market principles, the campaign focuses on combating the rise of paternalistic lifestyle regulation in Canada. Recent instances of government overreach in Canada include proposals to require plain packaging for cigarettes and soda, as well as citywide bans on ridesharing services such as Uber.

The highlight of the #FreeToChoose campaign so far has undoubtedly been the Nanny State Corner Store stunt, which took place on August 11th. SFL Canada took over a Toronto corner store and stocked it with plain-packaged pop, chips, and chocolate.

Free To Choose PopTens of thousands have watched the
promotional videos for the corner shop stunt on SFL Canada’s Facebook. #FreeToChoose memes in English and French have reached over a million Canadians. David Clement, SFL’s Director of North American Programs, was interviewed on the campaign by several Canadian radio stations. National and international news outlets are covering our activism, and additional exposure in local newspapers is helping us spread the ideas of liberty to Canadians across the country.

Our opposition to the Nanny State doesn’t stop with Canada. Students For Liberty activists in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, and many other countries are fighting to curb excessive state interference in the lifestyles of individuals across the globe.

If you’re interested in learning more about SFL Canada’s ongoing campaign against the Nanny State, check out their website and quiz by clicking below!

Say no to the Nanny State!

Here in Canada, the ridiculous rise of the nanny state has officially gotten out of hand. Thankfully, Students For Liberty is pushing back. And you’re invited to join us at our next activism event on Thursday, August 11th to mock the rise of the nanny state with plain-packaged chocolate, pop, and bags of chips.

To show how silly it’s gotten, SFL Canada launched our Free to Choose campaign against lifestyle regulation. We started with a website, nannystate.ca, and now we are stepping up our game.


On Thursday August 11th, SFL Canada will be taking over a Toronto corner store and turning it into the “Nanny State Corner Store.”

SFLcanadanonannyWe plan on giving people a glimpse into what the world would look like if we let government get away with overtaxing, over-regulating, or straight up banning everything that isn’t good for you.

The store will be decked out with all of the “appropriate” warnings, and we will be giving out “government approved” bags of chips, pop, and chocolate bars.

The location is a secret for now!

But, if you would like to attend or help, just email me at dclement@studentsforliberty.org!