In an attempt to better share our current activities with the network, the SFL Around the World blog post series will summarize our biggest news in each region monthly.

Here’s what SFL-ers around the world accomplished in July:

ANZSFL: Australia and New Zealand Students For Liberty have had our busiest July to date, running two regional conferences in Victoria and Western Australia, having two new clubs join the network, as well as the usual local clubs activities. The executive board has also been hard at work preparing for exciting soon-to-be-launched projects. It all capped off with a fabulous and memorable social function at The Clyde Hotel. You can check out the photo album here.

Africa: In Africa, Students For Liberty has been getting ready for the new school year. In July, ASFL inducted 19 new students into the Local Coordinator program for the coming year.

EsLibertad: Our first Annual Report is out! In it you will find the most prominent events in the 2015-2016 period, our outstanding leaders, and our most successful initiatives. Get to know more about Estudiantes por la Libertad by reading our Annual Report! Also this month, EsLibertad Guatemala did a great job presenting the book “El Engaño Populista” (The Populist Deceit), written by Gloria Álvarez, from the Movimiento Cívico Nacional (MCN) and Axel Kaiser, from Fundación para el Progreso (FPP). And we celebrated Milton Friedman Legacy Day in Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, and Mexico.


EPL:  The 2016-2017 class of EPL Local Coordinators (LCs) began in July with more than 1300 participants! LCs started their training with a course on the “Fundamentals of Organization and Community Management,” which teaches SFL’s Theory of Social Change as well as how to build strong communities for liberty. A libertarian study group associated with EPL also launched the “Ideas have consequences” project in July. Divided into two programs — one for higher education and one for high school students — the project featured lectures on the ideas of liberty and anti-liberal bias in the Brazilian academy.


Europe: July was another exciting month for ESFL! After weeks of preparations, all registration pages for the new season of regional conferences were launched. Moreover, ESFL announced the date for it’s biggest event of the year: the ESFLC 2017, which will take place March 17-19th 2017. Students also hosted a successful Leadership Forum in Lviv, Ukraine in July leading to new contacts in Belarus. SFL Heidelberg hosted George Mason University economist Bryan Caplan for a lecture on poverty and ESFLers participated in the Lithuania Summer Festival along with a number of pro-liberty partner organizations.

North America:isflc17-site-rotator The biggest news from North America is, of course, the launch of the Tenth Annual ISFLC! This will be the 10th year that we gather students and alumni together to learn about new developments in the cause of liberty, meet old and new friends, and garner the energy to carry on the fight for liberty. And it is going to be big. You can register for #ISFLC17 here! We also hosted a retreat for the new Campus Coordinators at Towson University, had a little fun with the Gadsden flag, and recorded an hilarious parody of Don McLean’s “American Pie” entitled “The Day the GOP Died.

South Asia: In July, South Asia Students For Liberty geared up for another year of activism for the liberty movement. 25 students qualified for the Local Coordinator Program after finishing a month-long academic training. The Local Coordinator Retreat was held in Delhi from July 29-31st and fresh SFLers turned up with lots of enthusiasm. Over the weekend, they learned about SFL’s Theory of Social Change and best practices for recruitment, planned activism for the year and practiced socratic seminars. In other news, South Asia SFL is launching SFL Colloquia this Fall, on topics like “Are Vices Crimes?” and the “Uberization of the World.”


In an attempt to better share our current activities with our network, SFL is beginning an SFL Around the World blog post series. At the beginning of each month, each region will post an update to their regional blog page to share their current activities. Please stay tuned for more updates next month!

Here’s a round-up of each region’s achievements in February. Check out what SFL-ers around the world accomplished last month!

Africa: ASFL was well-represented at the ISFLC with EB chairwoman Linda Kavuka speaking on a number of panels. Linda has also spearheaded many of our programs there including WFL seminars and issue-based campaigns. ASFL also opened applications for their Local Coordinator (LC) program this month.

The SFL meet-up at the Asia Liberty Forum

The SFL meet-up at the Asia Liberty Forum

Charter Teams: CT members put together an SFL meet up at the Asia Liberty Forum in Kuala Lumpur and formed a SFL-Southeast Asia organizing committee.  We’re also up and running in Korea now after hosting our first event and in the Philippines, where a fledgling student group is getting things started.

EPL: EPL hosted a leadership retreat for around 40 leaders this month and organized a libertarian carnival block. EPL also took all three student awards at the ISFLC with Julio Lins taking student of the year, DCE Ibmec taking event of the year, and the Ajuricaba Club taking group of the year.

EsLibertad: Students in El Salvador and Guatamala were able to reach 20,000 people through their #AmorEsLibertad campaign for Valentine’s Day. Es Lib also had a big presence at ISFLC with EB member Lilian Lucena speaking on two panels, LC Julio Guevara winning the Atlas Network’s Student Impact Competition and the $1,500 prize, and three executive board members participating in the Liberty Fund round-table.

SFL leaders attend a leadership retreat in Brazil

EPL leaders attend a leadership retreat in Brazil

Europe: ESFL-ers were busy attending ISFLC and planning the ESFLC this month. Around 40 students also participated in ESFL’s End the Drug War and Advanced Communications Training, plus students hosted successful leadership fora in Israel and Montenegro.

North America: North America was also very busy this month with ISFLC, where EB member Kayla Garthus won $1,500 for her “this is Socialism Wall” which she pitched to judges in the Atlas Student Impact Competition. Finally, students were busy planning and promoting SFL’s Focus Series, a series of single-issue conferences this spring (this is the first time we’ve done this in NA!).

South Asia: SFL-South Asia wrapped up two regional conferences in Mumbai and Delhi, which brought over 120 attendees. Attendees watched the documentary India Awakes (which you should all watch!) and discussed local political issues.

The WFL panel at ISFLC

The WFL panel at ISFLC

Women For Liberty: WFL hosted a panel at the ISFLC with human rights activist Rebiya Kadeer and some of the best women leaders around the world. WFL is also planning two international conferences tentatively scheduled for June and July in Nepal and the USA.

WP1-300x159We’ve been trying our best to excite you about the 9th International Students For Liberty Conference (ISFLC16) this week. We announced NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake and award-winning comedian Jeremy McLellan will be speaking.

But here’s the deal: our discounted hotel rate expires on Monday. Also, our registration price increases another $10 on the very same day. So, if you’re looking to save, it’s now or never.

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What would you do as monarch for a day?hans adam II

It’s a question we’ve all asked as a way to think about political priorities. At this year’s International Students For Liberty Conference, however, you’ll hear from someone who actually answers this question every single day.

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that His Serene Highness, Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein will be joining us for the 8th annual ISFLC!

The struggle for liberty takes many forms, and as a sitting ruler, Prince Hans-Adam II has thought a lot about how to promote and protect the liberties of the people of Liechtenstein.

In fact, he’s thought so much about the nature of the state that he wrote a book on the subject: The State in the Third Millennium. His central argument is that the growth of the state into ever more areas of citizens’ lives has degraded its ability to perform its core and appropriate functions – such as the provision of national defense.

We’re incredibly excited to have a sitting head of state add his voice to global cry for freedom. And we’re even more pleased to give you the opportunity to hear from his distinct perspective at #ISFLC16!

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SnowdenThe 8th Annual International Students For Liberty Conference set all kinds of records! We had a stunning turnout with over 1700 attendees, a 25% increase from last year. The lineup of speakers was better than ever before, with special guests like Edward Snowden, Dr. Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, Dr. Deirdre McCloskey, and Congressman Justin Amash! The media has been abuzz with some great coverage of the event. Check out some of the highlights below and be sure to tune into Fox Business Network tomorrow night (Friday) at 9PM ET to watch the ISFLC taping of the STOSSEL Show.