A recent article in the Washington Post highlights an issue that the iconic Gadsden flag is currently facing. In brief, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is looking to make it a punishable offense for employees to wear attire with the Gadsden flag or similar insignia on it. The reasoning behind the decision is that the flag can be interpreted as racially insensitive. gadsden-profile1

Emblazoned on the flag are the words “Don’t Tread on Me.” We here at SFL have tweaked that message a little bit. Anyone who has a certain amount of familiarity with SFL will remember our 2014 campaign “Don’t Tread on Anyone.” You probably still have the shirt!

The fact is, the Gadsden flag and similar symbols, have long had a place in the liberty movement. Rather than a symbol of racial animus, for us it’s a reminder that every human life is valuable and worthy of self-direction without excessive interference from the government or anyone else.