The following was written by Kyle A. Platt, a Campus Coordinator at the University of Central Oklahoma. 

FreedomFest 2013 schedule. Photo by Evan Banks.

It is  2:45 a.m and I am sitting at a table in an empty restaurant in the Denver airport. Why? My flight out of Las Vegas was delayed, and I am now stuck in the airport for the evening. I can only smell the desperation of my fellow refugees, and my hot, three-day-old suit. Who is to blame? I am conditioned to believe that there would be some market solution to this were air travel not so heavily regulated, but to be honest, this may have been simply an unfortunate circumstance. This place is a ghost town, except for the TSA agents slinking around, giving me looks as if they are sure I am doing something wrong. I am surrounded by shops and restaurants behind cages. This place is a libertarian hell, but I suppose it is only fair that I endure this, considering I just returned from what can be described as libertarian heaven: FreedomFest 2013. (more…)

This July Bureaucrash is hosting an advanced training conference for student activists. Ten students with the best response to the following question: “How can students best communicate the message of liberty to the next generation?” will be invited to a two-day activism conference at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Winners will attend liberty activism seminars and network with other student liberty activists at the conference on July 23 and 24.  Guest speakers include CEI President Fred Smith, Sloane Frost and Alexander McCobin of SFL, and many others.  Accommodations will be provided at the The Quincy – Downtown DC Boutique Suite Hotel.

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