I am pleased to announce the following student leaders have earned a spot on Students For Liberty’s 2016-2017 blog team! These are the most passionate student writers in the pro-liberty movement today and I’m excited to see them intelligently contribute to spreading the ideals of economic, social, and academic freedom through SFL’s blog.


Aaron White – Tel Aviv Universityunnamed (2)

Aaron White studies Environmental Policy in California. He was raised in the Palm Springs area and is a life long hiker and advocate for the open spaces of the American Southwest. He’s currently researching  market-based environmental strategies to advance preservation and conservation efforts.


Alexis Garretson – George Mason University

unnamed (8)Alexis Catherine Garretson is an undergraduate student at George Mason University, where she studies Environmental and Conservation Biology, Public Health, and Economics. She focuses on common resource problems, public lands policy, and other ways of applying free market ideas to environmental problems. Alexis is also an Undergraduate Research Scholar at George Mason University, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator with Students For Liberty, and a Joseph Schumpeter Fellow with the Mercatus Center.


Christopher Wager – Shawnee State University

unnamed (3)

Christopher Wager is a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, OH, where he studies Philosophy and Religion, with a focus on political philosophy and ethics. Chris is particularly interested in privacy rights, voluntary association, and non-interventionism.  When he’s not spreading the ideas of freedom on campus, Chris spends his time promoting liberty on Tumblr and playing video games.


Conor Fogarty – Ohio University

unnamed (1)Conor Fogarty is a third-year history major at Ohio University in Athens. He also serves as a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator and a Young Americans for Liberty chapter president.  He currently studies abroad in Japan and his major focuses include foreign policy, environmentalism, higher education, and the ideological history of classical liberalism. Conor hopes to one day receive a PhD and teach at a university while, hopefully, continuing to work in training activists and educators to spread classical liberal ideas.


James Paek – University of Georgia

James PaeScreen Shot 2016-09-19 at 4.14.02 AMk is a political science student at the University of Georgia. He has also served as the President of the Political Science Student Association, Vice-President of the Asian Student Association, Vice-President of Young Americans for Liberty, and President of the history club. James spoke at the ISFLC 2016 about human rights issues in the Korean Peninsula and how to achieve freedom in Korea. James focuses on using public speaking as an educational activism tool to spread liberty around the globe.

Jesse Velay-Vitow – Simon Fraser University

unnamed (5)Jesse Velay-Vitow is a mathematical physics student at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. He is a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator, president of the men’s issues advocacy club, and a vice president of the Science Student Union. Outside of volunteering, Jesse enjoys karate, rock climbing, and science fiction.



Jonathan Matt – George Mason University

rwgaergegJonathan Matt is a junior at George Mason University where he studies economics, plays rugby, and serves as a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator. He’s primarily interested in global development, monetary theory, public choice analysis, and behavioral economics. In his free time, Jonathan also enjoys reading F. A. Hayek and Gary Becker, drinking dark beer and even darker coffee, and going to used book stores.


John Zaleski – West Virgina

unnamed (9)John Zaleski is student at West Virginia University Majoring in Economics (B.S.) and a Campus Coordinator with Students For Liberty. He’s passionate about free trade, school choice and economic policy. John is also interested in the history of the classical liberal tradition.




Jonathan Bain – Mississippi State University

unnamed (4)Jonathan Bain is a Junior at Mississippi State University where he is majoring in Political Science and minoring in both Economics and History. He was born in Tupelo, MS and was raised in Itawamba County for the majority of his life. In his spare time he enjoys studying different genres of political theory, as well economic theory from the Austrian school. By being a member of the blog team, Jonathan hopes to educate others on the philosophy of liberty, inspire students to join the movement and be active on their campuses.


Marissa Gentry – Indiana University 

Marissa unnamed (3)Gentry is a student at Indiana University studying Environmental Science and Policy. She is a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator and the President of her Young Americans for Liberty chapter. When not writing, she enjoys watching Survivor reruns, playing with her rescue cat Edgar, and practicing and building her herbalism business.



Maxine Cox – Florida Southwestern University

Maxine greunnamed (6)w up in Marco Island, Florida and is currently a freshman studying biology at Florida Southwestern in Naples, Florida. She currently serves as a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator. Growing up a homeschooler, she attributes her understanding and love of liberty to the fabulous classical education she received. She likes free speech, capitalism and cool stuff.



Natalie Bao Tram Le – College of Charleston

Natalie Bao Tram Le is a student at College of Charleston studying Political Science, a South Carolina Young Americans for Liberty State Chair, and a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator. She is looking forward to further promoting the ideals of libertarianism through writing. Her interests focus on refugee acceptance and their economic impact, First Amendment issues, and classical liberalism. Aside from all things liberty, Natalie enjoys sparring and fencing.


Nicholas Mejia – George Mason University

Nicholas Bayarunnamed (10)do Mejia is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and studies economics at George Mason University. From backpacking Europe and South East Asia, hitchhiking across America alone, and deploying to Afghanistan, he has come to love the vast diversity that makes up our world. As a member of the blog team, Nicholas seeks to share his insights on political economy, culture, and history that he has come to through his travels.


Paul Krane – Birmingham-Southern College

Paul Kunnamed (1)rane is a junior Political Science major and Philosophy minor at Birmingham-Southern College. He was born in Knoxville and raised in Sevier County, Tennessee. He is a write-in candidate for U.S. Representative from Tennessee’s First District in the 2016 election.



Sarah Nelson – University of Virginia

Sarah Nelson iafsdfs from a small town called Berryville, Virginia and is a third year Media Studies and Drama double major at the University of Virginia. When she isn’t working on her academics, she enjoys creating art, playing sports of any kind, and relentlessly defending the honor of the Washington Redskins.



Stephen Boucher – Carleton University

unnamed (2)Stephen Boucher is a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator from Ottawa, Canada, where jumping regulatory hurdles is a national sport. When he’s not politely sticking it to the Man, he’s writing about anarcho-capitalism, tech freedom, the nanny state, and other issues related to liberty. Stephen also enjoys self-education, ruffling feathers, and sharing his passion for a freer society.



Zoe Callaway – University of Delaware

Zoe Callaway iunnamed (7)s a senior at the University of Delaware, studying American History with minors in Political Science and Legal Studies. She is also the Delaware State Chair and the Connecticut State Chair for Young Americans for Liberty. Zoe believe that everyone should be able to enjoy liberty without the weight of a bloated government.

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images-2Imagine you’re a Syrian who had to flee your home because of a brutal war. You make your way either across land or by water, not a safe trip for most, and you get to Europe. You have to deal with border control and often with deplorable living conditions as well, and now, the Western world — due to security concerns — is closing those borders and sending people back.

This is what refugees from Syria and Iraq are facing right now.

Here in the United States, politicians and candidates have stepped up the negative rhetoric against these people fleeing war. Trump wants to track refugees and spy on them. Carson compared them to rabid dogs and said they pose a risk to our country. Even the House of Representatives recently voted to increase the requirements for the refugee entry process, despite the fact that those granted refugee status are already in one of the most well-vetted categories to enter the US.


Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with Chubbies shorts at all. I’m simply using the shorts as an analogy.

As a law student, most of my experience with the intellectual property regime has been fairly removed and abstract. But I also happen to have an awesome big brother who is a genius of a businessman. His new business was doing stunningly well, although, he recently got sued. Why? Another company is alleging he has infringed upon their intellectual property.

Chubbies_short_shorts_for_menI was never certain where I stood in the whole IP debate, and I am still not certain where I stand now. But, with one phone call, my brother made me realize that there are serious problems with our current approach to IP. Indeed, there are some forms of “intellectual property” that cause a hell of a lot more harm than good.

Struggling to find something to compare my brother’s situation to, I landed on Chubbies shorts as being a pretty great analogy. Chubbies, the frattiest thing known to mankind, are in pretty hot demand. Now, let’s say my brother — who we can imagine as the model of a frat boy — saw an opportunity in creating his own brand of short shorts.

Since he has pretty good business sense, he made sure to roll out his own brand of shorts in time for Christmas sales. Turns out Chubbies, the brand everyone wanted to put under the tree, couldn’t meet demand, so my brother’s shorts were right there to pick up the slack and he did pretty well for himself throughout the holiday season. Fear not, for he made everyone’s Christmas wish for short shorts come true… and better yet, for half the price. After all, it is always fun to imagine your favorite frat boy donning a pair of Chubbies on christmas morning… (more…)