You may remember the No Nanny Corner Store events we held earlier this year in Toronto and Calgary. The story was picked up by some pretty big news outlets.

Well, now’s your chance to be part of the action at the next No Nanny Corner Store stunt – this time in Ottawa!

SFLcanadanonannyOn Wednesday, December 14th SFL Canada will once again be taking over a corner store and filling it with our specially-created plain-packaged products.

We plan on giving people a glimpse into what the world would look like if we let government get away with overtaxing, over-regulating, or straight up banning everything that isn’t good for you.

The store will be decked out with all of the “appropriate” warnings, and we will be giving out “government approved” bags of chips, pop, and chocolate bars.

But I need your help to pull this off!

If you’re interested, just reach out to me at dclement@studentsforliberty.org


Here are some details:

  • The store will run from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm (Wednesday, Dec. 14th)
  • We will go to Parliament Hill to hand out materials from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • And if you need assistance getting to Ottawa, just let me know and we’ll help you get here!

Looking forward to another great event!

I can’t believe it.Thermometere 2

We put out the word, and hundreds of you took up the challenge to support Students For Liberty with a gift that would have double the impact.

Now, we’ve raised over $15,000 and I couldn’t be more excited to relay this message to our thousands of volunteers around the world.

But we’re still $5,000 short of our ultimate goal. So our sponsor has agreed to extend this matching grant program until the end of the day today. 

With each dollar received – and multiplied thanks to our matching gift program – we’re better equipping our leaders and making a difference.

DOUBLE your gift to SFL!

A great example just took place this week at Ohio State University, where twins Reese and Reagan Brooks, both SFL campus coordinators, reacted immediately to the tragedy on campus that many of you heard about on Monday.

A madman used his car as a weapon on campus, driving into a crowd, and proceeding to stab people with a knife. A dozen people were injured.

The Brooks brothers showed their solidarity with victims in a Facebook message – American and “Don’t Tread On Me” flags in tow.OSU2

Then the next day, despite the chaos on campus, they held an event with over 100 people to debate immigration policy with experts from the Cato Institute. Many people were introduced to libertarian ideas for the first time. It was a huge success.

We want to empower thousands more leaders to run events and make an impact on campus like Reese and Reagan. But we’re going to need your help to get there.

Help us realize our matching goal of $40,000 by donating $25, $50, $100, $300, $500, or even $700, which will be matched by the commitment from one of our benefactors.

Your investment will change students’ lives and make them more effective advocates of liberty. Thank you…

DOUBLE your gift to SFL!

14956477_1205807156124391_4375239080887209463_nLast Wednesday, the day after the election, the Troy University Young Americans for Liberty/Students For Liberty chapter held an event for the campus to express their opinion of the election from their “Soap Box.” We built a small platform to act as the “Soap Box” and gave people a megaphone to proselytize to the masses their thoughts and opinions on the election, the future of America, and honestly whatever they wanted. It started off slow, with people confused as to what was going on, and then more and more people came by and caught onto the idea and participated.

Troy is a fairly conservative school overall, but we also have a large international population, so it was interesting to see people come up and speak on various social issues across the political spectrum. We had people bashing on Trump and him winning, others rejoicing that Clinton lost.

There was one solemn young man who was just disgusted with the election and the future of America with a Trump presidency. 14440618_1205806272791146_8336600232128622873_nOthers came forward in support of Trump and had a soothing optimism for the future. Many more got up and encouraged unity in this time of transition. International students got up and spoke of their thoughts about America and future relations with their countries.

Many people expressed a need to turn towards religion and faith going forward. And as I was ready to wrap up for the day, something interesting happened. A Trump supporter who had spoken earlier in the day came back and got back on his soap box to speak again, and unlike much of the typical hate and negativity that was wrought by this election he spoke to the people with a great fiery support for the future and as he spoke a crowd gathered around to listen and instead of the Trump supporter just rambling on a dialogue opened up, all of the sudden people from across the political spectrum were talking about issues, not just promises and fear mongering, but real issues. (more…)

October was a busy month at Students For Liberty. Read the highlights of what our North American team have been up to!

Regional Conference season in full swing!

TVirginia RChis weekend sees our final two events in what has been an extraordinary Regional Conference season. During October, hundreds of students across North America have come together to discuss the ideas of liberty. From Utah to Florida, young people interested in various aspects of creating a free society heard from a diverse range of speakers, ranging from sex worker rights activists to ex-SFLers who have become libertarian economics professors.

Students across North America “Get Out The Liberty”

Our Get Out The Liberty (#GOTL) campaign was wildly successful. So far, we’ve accepted 75 applications for these $250 grants, which are aimed at activism and recruitment for pro-liberty groups on campus. Events funded by the grants have ranged from tabling and recruitment drives to our nationwide Deep Web screenings. Based on the success of the GOTL campaign, we’ve now launched our Peace, Love, Liberty grant program: aiming to promote non-interventionist foreign policy.

Ethan FSBig free speech rally at UMD

Huge congratulations to our activists at College Park Students For Liberty, who hosted a well-attended free speech rally that generated substantial media coverage. The event saw SFLers collaborate with Jim Caruso, CEO of Flying Dog Brewery, as well as other campus groups. Ethan Pritchard, the Chapter President of SFL College Park, told the audience that universities are “sending a message that it’s okay to shelter yourself and to just go without hearing other people’s opinions and that you’ll be fine your entire life, and that’s not how it is.”


The following is an open letter from all of us at Students For Liberty.

For more information, or to join the SFL network, please subscribe here or reach out to North American Programs Director David Clement at dclement@studentsforliberty.org.

Dear College Democrats,

This election has left progressives and liberals feeling scared about the prospects for America’s future. Many libertarians share your concerns about the direction the country is headed, and we at Students For Liberty are no exception.

Considering the widespread outrage at the results of the election, we want to make this clear: if you are a College Democrat (or Democrat-affiliated) group and share our concerns on certain issues, we are more than willing to work with you and provide you with any resources you need.

After this polarizing election, we’re taking a stand to advocate for people and education over politics and division. You’re invited to become part of this much-needed conversation by joining the SFL network. Pro-liberty students and liberals/progressives share similar perspectives on many different issues, and we’d love to support your activism in areas such as:

  • Police brutality
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Defending press freedom and the right to privacy
  • Anti corruption initiatives
  • Freedom of speech and expression

We provide grants, training, activism resources, and access to a network of pro-liberty students not just in the United States, but all around the world.

Whatever your issue of choice is, we’re here to help make sure pro-liberty beliefs, whether expressed by libertarians or liberals/progressives, are represented on college campuses across the country (and world)! We’ll never subject you to a purity test or demand allegiance to any particular candidate or approach. As long as your message is pro-liberty, we’re more than happy to help.

Since we’re not a chapter-based organization, College Democrats groups can retain their status while still taking advantage of resources from SFL. We want to build coalitions with student groups who share aspects of our vision for a better society, and we want to provide student activists with the support they need to act on their frustrations following the election. Working together, we can bring about positive change. Are you with us?



Sincerely & For Liberty, 

SFL North America