We’ve got another opportunity for you! Right now, U.S. student have the chance to not only learn more about the ideas of liberty but also visit Germany at a greatly subsidized rate. To take part in a seminar aimed at strengthening the ties between European and American students and building the liberty movement across the Atlantic, apply today for the Liberty and Europe Seminar in Gummersbach, Germany!

For a week from July 24th-30th, students will be able to learn classical liberal ideas from a wide variety of distinguished faculty with subjects including history, philosophy and economics. Check out the video below for an inside scoop with previous participants, or take a look at last year’s program here to learn more.

Presented by the Institute for Economic Studies – Europe, the seminar will feature speakers like Steve Davies of the Institute for Economic Affairs and Nigel Ashford of IHS. Best of all, participation is free! Through the generosity of donors, IES-Europe will provide housing and meals. While attendees are responsible for travel costs, there is also a $800 travel grant available specifically for US applicants.

The application deadline is May 1st. So, if you’re looking for another opportunity to travel the world and learn something at the same time, get your application in ASAP! (more…)

The following is a story from SFL’s Quarterly Report. 

Estudantes Pela Liberdade (EPL) has become one of the strongest shining beacons of hope: EPL is the leading force in a youth movement that wants to unchain itself from decades of cronyism and statism in Brazil. Hundreds of EPL leaders run protests, events, and marches with tens of thousands of activists demanding deregulation and liberty. The 2015 National Conference of Estudantes Pela Liberdade drew more than 600 attendees and served as a great occasion for some SFL supporters from the United States and Europe to get a first-hand look at the libertarian student revolution going on in Brazil.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.12.27 PM

The participants in this four-day trip had the chance to meet leading students, journalists, politicians, and intellectuals of the Brazilian liberty movement. They also had the opportunity to tour Sao Paulo, attend the conference, and experience Brazilian hospitality. EPL’s volunteers and staffers made sure that SFL’s supporters received a very warm welcome, got a crash course in Brazilian politics, and had a great long weekend in the Southern Hemisphere. SFL’s work in Brazil shows how successful our strategy of social change can become, as EPL has already incubated leading journalists, politicians, entrepreneurs, academics, and civil society leaders. Even though Brazil is suffering economically at the moment, the current generation of SFL leaders has great momentum behind their movement for change.

The supporters’ trip was a full success, and we are already planning the next one! Join us at the European Students For Liberty Conference 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic, from March 11-13:

Join Us

The following was written by ESFL Executive Board Member David Stancel

When I first found out that my internship was approved and that I would be heading to Moscow for two months, I did not know what to expect. As a libertarian, Russia was not high on the list of my favorite countries. Nonetheless, a few weeks later, I packed my suitcase and hit the road.


Tabling for ESFL in Moscow.

I always look up freedom-loving individuals in a country I’m visiting prior my arrival and this was the case in Moscow, too. Shortly after landing on Russian soil, I eagerly arranged to meet one of the leading libertarians in Moscow. It was extremely interesting, though sometimes troubling, to hear the stories I was told. Coming from Slovakia, a member-state of the European Union, I’m used to freely criticizing government policies for their negative impact on economic and social freedom.

It was inspiring to hear about people who – in a country where authorities regulate even activities like yoga – haven’t given up on their relentless fight for freedom. Fueled by love for their country, they immerse themselves in activism in pursuit of a freer Russia. (more…)


We’re thrilled to announce that European Students For Liberty has won the Atlas Network’s 2015 Smith Student Outreach Award!

There are a lot of reasons to be optimistic for the future of liberty in Europe, but Atlas noted this past year’s ESFLC as particularly encouraging:

The annual European Students for Liberty Conference (ESFLC) offers students the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, and build strategies to advance liberty in Europe. From immigration to free trade, from the crisis in Ukraine to relationship between Islam and free markets, the 2015 conference presented a wide variety of talks from a free-market angle to the more than 500 participants from 43 countries that attended the fourth edition of ESFLC.

Since the continent-wide conference, ESFL has continued to bring liberty to every corner of Europe. Throughout the past few months, ESFL Regional Conferences brought exciting speakers, activism training, and camaraderie to Standing room only at the Tbilisi, Georgia RC. libertarian students. Just last month, ESFL experienced the greatest ever single weekend for student outreach, with out-of-this-world attendance in two of ESFL’s newer regions – Tbilisi, Georgia and Sofia, Bulgaria, which brought in over 300 students each. This excitement is reflected in local activism efforts as well, with students in Georgia staging an effective marijuana decriminalization campaign.

October also featured the Heidelberg Regional Conference, which SFL VP of Finance & Operations Fred Roeder called “[o]ne of the best SFL events I have ever attended,” noting that the conference was fully funded by by local support and well-attended by Heidelberg media outlets. Local Coordinators advertise for the Heidelberg RC.

Even more exciting, ESFL Local Coordinators were responsible for the entirety of this very successful event. If you want to experience the excitement for yourself, you’ve got a few more chances to attend an Regional Conference this month in places like Milan, Vienna, and Wroclaw.

These conferences alone can’t tell the full story of ESFL, though, which has exploded in the past year, taking on key issues like paternalistic EU polices through the #NoNanny campaign and even organizing locally to help feed refugees fleeing the Syrian war. We’re thrilled that the efforts of our dedicated student leaders have been recognized by the Atlas Network and are excited to see what the rest of the year brings for liberty in Europe!

ESFL will be presented with the Smith Student Outreach Award at Atlas Network’s Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner, held on Nov. 11–12 in New York City.

The group photo from the CNN stage last night.

The group photo from the CNN stage last night.

Are you depressed after watching the Republican debate last night? I mean, how many different ways are there to say “government is good and ought to be bigger”? From a disappointing range of opinions on things like drug reform and foreign wars, to the lackluster refrain of “at least I’m not Trump!” the CNN GOP debate was a forceful reminder that those who favor freedom still have work to do. It can seem like a dark time for liberty with so many mainstream politicians spouting statism loud and proud, but I’m here to tell you that there is still hope. (more…)