Students For Liberty is pleased to launch SFL Presents! SFL Presents is an opportunity for our network to engage with the best and brightest the liberty movement has to offer via Facebook Live. Our inaugural event will be an interview between the incredible Jeffrey Tucker and Ayn Rand (as played by Jennifer Grossman of the Atlas Society).

The Facebook Live event will take place at 6:00pm ET on Wednesday January 25th. If you would like to ask Ayn Rand a question, simply use the hashtag #AskAyn!

If you are reading this on a phone or computer, you have everything you need to join one of SFL’s virtual reading groups. VRGs grant readers the opportunity to discuss books with liberty minded people all around the world. Under the guidance of an expert, you can read and learn about a variety of different social, political, and economic thoughts and ideologies. It is a great way to discuss ideas, develop essential critical thinking skills, and connect with friends and fellow libertarians. These groups are open to all and a free book is provided on behalf of Students For Liberty. This February, SFL is offering two amazing virtual reading groups:


Co-hosted by the Institute for Humane Studies, Deschooling Society will begin Thursday, February 9th at 6pm EST. Join Dr. Kevin Currie-Knight to discuss the role of the state in public education. Written by Ivan Illich, the book argues that a society must abolish state regulated education to have a complete separation of church and state. The discussion will consider his arguments and  question whether higher pay for teachers and higher standards for learning could fix the lingering problems of public education. According to Illich, the state’s involvement in education is a fundamental attack on freedom and liberty.

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15976946_1498333713529586_7857340871981543290_nAlso, join CEO of Istanbul Network for Liberty, Ali Salman, to discuss Islamic Foundations of a Free Society. The book dives deeply into the compatibility between Sharia Law and a free society. The group will discuss Muslim thought, societal-based welfare, freedom of choice, economic freedom, and jihad and political change. Join Ali Saturdays at 11am EST, starting February 26th. This is a great group if you are interested in the cultural, social, governmental, and economic repercussions of religion and its role in the state throughout various points in history.

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Don’t miss your chance to discuss freedom with these amazing experts!

Do you aspire to be a young professional? One step on this path is an opportunity presented by our friends at the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) in London.adamsmith

ASI hosts an annual ‘Young Writer on Liberty’ competition centered around a certain theme and this year’s theme is the opportunities, challenges, and obstacles that come with new technologies.

Think of how modern technology will change the world and what policy implications will come along with genetic engineering, driverless cars, augmented reality, or anything else which will fit the essay theme. Essays focusing on the principles of free markets and individual liberty will get special consideration. (more…)

Students For Liberty and our network of activists are regularly featured in national and international media outlets on a wide variety of topics. Below are some examples of SFL’s media presence during December 2016.

  • We’ve been leading the fight against counterproductive vaping regulations in North America. In the USA, our Senior Development Officer Yaël Ossowski criticized the Nanny State’s anti-vaping bias here.
  • Meanwhile, our Director of North American Programs David Clement joined Ossowski in arguing against proposed e-cigarette regulations in Canada here as part of our ongoing #NoNanny campaign. Clement has also made appearances on various radio stations to discuss SFL’s activism in this area.
  • The growth of Students For Liberty was highlighted in French newspaper La Croix as a key example of how classical liberal ideas are becoming more popular amongst young people. Read the full article in French here.
  • Bill Wirtz, a local coordinator at European Students For Liberty, wrote about Europe’s war on tobacco for the Mises Institute here.
  • Jake Goldberg, a sophomore at Tufts University and guest contributor at Students For Liberty, detailed his experiences of fighting against harmful campus speech codes on Rare.us. Read the full article here.


This report was prepared by the project steering team which is made up of ten Club Presidents and staff members of SFL Burundi. The Country Director of SFL Burundi and ASFL East African Regional Director, Aimable Manirakiza, approved this report.

Student leaders over at SFL Burundi have just completed a project that aimed to bolster their members’ knowledge of the principles and foundations of the capitalist system. Through the support of the Atlas Network and the Eastern African Policy Center,  SFL Burundi distributed 500 books that discuss the benefits of capitalism.sfl-burundi-lead

Aimable Manirakiza deserves special mention. After being selected to sit on the African executive board, Aimable wanted to share materials in Burundi — materials that discuss the ideas of liberty. Aimable was faced with the problem of how to distribute the material to the students. He received a grant from the Atlas Network to print the books in Kenya. Following the printing, Aimable transported the books on the road.

Aimable spent November and December traveling around Burundi, visiting ten different campuses. It was at these schools that he set up a presentation detailing the ideas and ultimately ended up distributing 500 books to students. (more…)