This report was prepared by the project steering team which is made up of ten Club Presidents and staff members of SFL Burundi. The Country Director of SFL Burundi and ASFL East African Regional Director, Aimable Manirakiza, approved this report.

Student leaders over at SFL Burundi have just completed a project that aimed to bolster their members’ knowledge of the principles and foundations of the capitalist system. Through the support of the Atlas Network and the Eastern African Policy Center,  SFL Burundi distributed 500 books that discuss the benefits of capitalism.sfl-burundi-lead

Aimable Manirakiza deserves special mention. After being selected to sit on the African executive board, Aimable wanted to share materials in Burundi — materials that discuss the ideas of liberty. Aimable was faced with the problem of how to distribute the material to the students. He received a grant from the Atlas Network to print the books in Kenya. Following the printing, Aimable transported the books on the road.

Aimable spent November and December traveling around Burundi, visiting ten different campuses. It was at these schools that he set up a presentation detailing the ideas and ultimately ended up distributing 500 books to students.

SFL would like to thank Atlas Network, the patrons of this excellent project. SFL Burundi would especially like to extend a sincere thanks to Casey Pifer, their contact person for the implementation of this project. The project succeeded thanks to the unwavering support of Casey Pifer, who gave her best to see the ideas of liberty flourish in Burundi. SFL’s thanks are extended to all participants in the program.

At the beginning of the conception of this project, SFL Burundi thought of distributing the book The Morality of Capitalism, but after a thorough study of the richness contained in the book, Aimable saw fit to prepare a PowerPoint presentation in order to help the members of SFL Burundi understand and engage with free market principles.

SFL Burundi’s project was centered on The Morality of Capitalism. Participants had the opportunity to read several chapters of this book. Concepts discussed included the virtues ​​of capitalism, entrepreneurship, voluntary interaction, self-interest, free markets, and justice. The project was organized during the month and a half of November and December in ten universities located in Burundi where SFL has its Clubs: University of Burundi Mutanga campus, University of Burundi Campus of Kamenge, Ecole Normale Supérieur Campus of Kigobe, National Institute of Public Health, University of Lake Kigobe Campus, Light University Mutanga Campus, Light University Kinindo Campus, Wisdom University of Africa Asian Campus, University of the Great Lakes Campus Saint Michel, Ntare Rugamba University. The total number of participants in this project was 860 students.

The activities were composed by the Speech Director of SFL Burundi who introduced the activities of the day and reminded participants of SFL’s goal through this project as well as the impact of the benefits of capitalism in Burundi. And at the end of each session, the floor was opened up so that student leaders could field questions from the participants.

At the conclusion of each event, the books were distributed, and pictures were taken with the participants. Some of these pictures can be found in the gallery below.

Students also benefited at the end of each session in the ten Universities — there was a moment of exchange around a glass of water or a soda in order to deepen their appreciation of the benefits of capitalism.