The following was written by Senior Campus Coordinator Tuck Kennedy.

Many campuses dominated by progressives see capitalism as a horrible, exploitative system that preys on the weak and impoverished. We know that what they see as capitalism is generally cronyism, a system dominated by subsidies and regulation. Here’s an activism blueprint to help you illustrate the difference to your campus.


Tabling Suggestion: Subsidy Pong

Everyone loves beer pong, so why not bring this game to your tabling? You only need a few things to set up for this event:

  1. Ping Pong Balls
  2. Table
  3. Solo Cups
  4. Water (to fill cups. Sorry, no actual beer)

Set this up like a standard beer pong game. Invite people walking by to play, and start them out with standard rules. As the game progresses, there is a catch.

If one player clearly is winning, “subsidize” the opponent by removing some of the winner’s cups and giving them to the opponent. If they continue to win, handicap them by making them stand on one foot or something creative. This is an easy way to explain to people how our crony economy actually works.

While you are tabling, be sure to have free stuff and information to give out. Now is the time to advertise, so have at least one person handing out flyers for whatever event you choose to hold later that day.


  1. Reserve tabling space well in advance. You want to make sure that you get the most noticeable and high traffic spot for your table, and that you can reserve enough space for the game.
  2. Consider other campus groups that may be interested in co-sponsoring, such as a chapter of the Can Kicks Back.
  3. Chalk up your campus as much as you can, and flyer every possible surface (behind bathroom stall doors is very successful)
  4. If you decide on a virtual speaker, make sure you have a room with a large projector screen and all equipment you need (we can help you with this). If you go with an in-person speaker, then make sure you have a large enough room and be sure to offer to take them out for drinks afterwards!

Main Event:

This is a good topic for a speaker event. Find someone who can speak on examples of crony capitalism and what free markets actually look like. Always check to see if there are professors friendly to your position that would be happy to speak for you. If not, some organizations you might want to contact are listed here:

Even better, there are already some great speakers in SFL’s Virtual Speakers Bureau lined up to talk about this very subject:

  • Anne Bradley – Cronyism and Economic Freedom
  • Diana Thomas – The Regressive Effects of Regulation
  • Matt Zwolinski – Exploitation, Capitalism, and the State 

As always, take lots of pictures and be sure to send them to!