Since our founding Students For Liberty has understood that the battle for liberty involves much more than academic or political arguments. While these areas are important they are but a portion of our vast program of social change. Liberty will not prevail until it is interwoven through the cultural fabric of young people across the globe.

This is why we are putting art at the forefront of our efforts. The upcoming International Students For Liberty Conference will feature an exhibit of our newly launched art magazine, Ama-Gi, along with a live concert of Radar vs Wolf (a band of talented musicians who also happen to be libertarians).

However, it is not enough to run one off projects. We need a powerful aesthetic of liberty woven through everything we do. Students For Liberty is building a youthful, forward-looking, libertarian brand and to that end are looking for talented creatives to join the team.

We are searching for a full time Graphic Artist and a Copy Writer. We need to continue reaching more and more young people through visual and written mediums. We need entrepreneurs who can take an idea and make it a reality. Individuals who want to be on the forefront of designing and selling liberty to the millennial generation.

If you have a passion for writing or design, check out the job descriptions and send us your resumes. We are looking for the best and brightest: up-and-comers looking to make a mark on the world. If that sounds like you, this is your chance.