It’s no secret that today’s universities aren’t exactly bastions of free expression. Speech codes and other violations of students’ rights have become the norm on college campuses everywhere, and students’ attempts to exercise their rights are repeatedly crushed.

“The best argument for why free speech walls are necessary is that they keep getting torn down.” – Dr. Steve Horwitz

Each April, SFL hosts a Free Speech Week to encourage student groups to raise awareness about the importance of free speech on their campuses. SFL offered small grants to build Free Speech Walls or engage in other forms of protest and gave away Free Speech Week Kits with information about student rights and resources from partner organizations like FIRE.

These kits have been a resounding success, but in order to keep providing them to students free-of-charge, we’ll need your help. Give the Gift of Liberty today and help SFL fight censorship! Our goal is to raise enough money to send 50 kits all across the United States, but the material and shipping costs make it impossible for us to provide them for no cost to students. Will you help us and stand with free speech? 

SFL wants to continue helping students fight the trend of student censorship and restore students’ rights on campus with our Free Speech Kits for this spring! These kits will provide some basic materials on Free Speech for tabling, promoting events or simply getting the word out. To date, we’ve supported more than one hundred student groups in their defense of free speech by providing them with kits, grants and support. Will you help us continue? Donate to the Free Speech Kit initiative on Give the Gift of Liberty today!