This blog post was sent in by Yaël Ossowski, Executive Board Member of European Students For Liberty

BERLIN —  In exactly the same week in Germany’s capital city, the European Central Bank and the Bundesbank squared off in Constitutional court and U.S. President Barack Obama made a return trip anticipating the same rock star treatment he received in his 2008 speech at the Brandenburg Gate. Naturally, Students For Liberty was in the midst of it all, parsing the truth from fiction and underscoring the importance of economic and personal liberties for tens of thousands of viewers worldwide. European Students For Liberty Co-Founder Frederik Cyrus Roeder made several appearances on RT Television, beginning by lending his thoughts on the ECB’s unlimited debt buying program, currently being challenged in the German Constitutional Court.

Standing in front of the German Parliament, RT’s Peter Oliver asked Roeder about ECB head Mario Draghi’s award for Responsible Leadership, given out by a Berlin university. “Responsible leadership cannot really be seen in blowing up the European debt, by bailing out countries, by buying bonds from countries which may not even be legal, and by having negative interest rates so that young people are not even able to save money because you lose money if you put it aside,” Roeder told the television reporter.


With youth unemployment of more than 25 percent in Europe. We don’t really think such a person should receive an award for responsible leadership,” he added. On Obama’s Wednesday arrival in Berlin, Roeder offered thoughts on why so many young people hoped for reinstitution of personal and economic liberties in the U.S. but were left disappointed. “I think the impact [of Obama's visit] was very little, at least when looking at positive things,” said Roeder in RT’s Berlin Studio. “There might be the fact that both sides, the EU and U.S., are pushing for more free trade between both blocs, but when it comes to cleaning the mess such as intrusion on privacy, such as dissolving Guantanamo, these things are still on the table and Obama hasn’t done anything positive on it.” He explained why so many people in Germany had soured on the message of Hope and Change.

Five years ago, there were 200,000 people listening to Obama, this time there were 4,000 hand-picked people, most likely mainly Americans. That’s just 2 percent of what he could gather as a Senator,” he told RT. “It’s the 50th anniversary of JFK’s speech in a, back then, divided Berlin. It’s just now accompanied by this scandal actually figuring out the NSA are far more effective at spying than the Stasi could ever have dreamed about.