The following post was contributed by Sarah Harvard, SFL Campus Coordinator, for our continuing series on the Campus Coordinator program.


Like many families of immigrants, life was hard. My family and I had to live through phases of poverty, discrimination, and prejudice. My father immigrated to the US because he knew that there were no hopes of freedom in his home country and that America was the Promised Land for opportunity.  

I have witnessed my mother and father working long nights to ensure that my sister and I would have food on the table and that I can continue on with my swim practices — in hopes of having their daughter receive a swimming scholarship for college. My father always told me that with honest hard work and perseverance you can make it in America. However, I’ve witnessed harsh regulations imposed on my family’s business. I have witnessed my mother and father talking until 3 am about how close they are to having their business shut down and how they’re going to afford my education. It was heart-wrenching, and because of it I vowed that I will do everything I can so that the state will never hurt innocent individuals.

It is no doubt that the future of not only our nation, but also the whole world, is in the hands of my generation. Often, it is hard to find a light of optimism in a world of darkness. I had never been offered any methods of social change, remedies of our failing government, suggestions to improve our nation, or ideas that will let peace thrive.

This all changed when I was introduced to Students For Liberty. I felt that I could be a part of something greater; I felt that I could be a part of an effective movement for liberty.

My appreciation for SFL grew drastically when I had attended Campus Coordinator training. Here I was with students from all around the nation with one common goal: to further advance the cause of liberty. I talked to other students about public choice theory, foreign policy, the concept of culture and religion, and the philosophies of Lysander Spooner and Robert Nozick. However, the most rewarding part of my experience at the CC retreat was the feeling that I belong to this movement. Students For Liberty became my home away from home; Students For Liberty became my family away from own family. “SFLove” is strong — it also resonates in our message and our actions for liberty

Although the world is big, I feel big. Students For Liberty has convinced me that my voice and my actions do matter. SFL has convinced me that I am not alone. SFL has convinced me that my mission is shared and being put to work by thousands of individuals from all around the country. I don’t feel that my work in the movement means nothing; I feel that it means more than just something. I feel like that I am a part of something and that I’m never alone. I feel that my opinions and my voice matters in the liberty movement, and that my passions are essential. I really can’t wait to work with the next class of Campus Coordinators as a Senior Campus Coordinator and meet with bright individuals from around the country to offer what SFL has given me: a undying hope and belief in myself and our movement.

We hold the future and our future is bright; don’t let pessimism tell you otherwise.

Make the change yourself, and apply for the Campus Coordinator Program today!