The UK Liberty League will be holding its third annual Freedom Forum in London on April 5th-7th. Students from all over the UK and Europe will have the chance to enjoy in-depth discussions of libertarian topics, and to benefit from practical, skill-based sessions in public speaking, public relations, journalism and student activism led by experts in the field. With meals and accommodation provided for the weekend, attendees will have the chance to meet plenty of like-minded students, and to hang out with some of the best pro-liberty academics and speakers in the country.

The conference is now close to full capacity, at 180 registrants. Only 20 seats are left, so buy your ticket as soon as possible!

The Full Schedule and Conference Booklet, including travel information, is Available Here!

Attendees can look forward to a diverse schedule, including sessions on “Innovation vs. Leviathan” with Douglas Carswell MP, the transhumanist Dr Anders Sandberg, and Dr Terence Kealey; “Out-innovating Dictatorship” with exiled Ethiopian journalist Abebe Gellaw; “Free Market Environmentalism” with Professor Mark Pennington; the mechanics of “Free Banking and Currency reform” with Dr Kevin Dowd; why you should be Anarcho-Capitalist with Dr Tim Evans; reasons to take Bleeding Heart Libertarianism seriously with the Adam Smith Institute’s Sam Bowman; and much, much more.

Since the first Liberty League Freedom Forum in 2011, the pro-liberty student movement in the UK has gone from strength to strength. Whereas before there were at most 7 active student societies in the country, there are now about 30 on campuses all over the country. The Freedom Forum is a chance for pro-liberty students to develop their ideas, and gain the skills to be effective advocates of liberty. It is also a chance to inspire one another into becoming more active on their university campuses, and to continue to fuel the UK’s pro-liberty movement. Since places are rapidly being sold out, make sure to buy your tickets right away!