There is less than one month left to apply for a FEE Summer Seminar!

 If you apply by midnight on 3/15, FEE will send you a copy of either Economics in One Lesson or Atlas Shrugged. (US Applicants only)

This summer, they will have 6 free college-level seminars in 5 locations around the US. These 3-day seminars are perfect to get your new members a strong foundation in the ideas and a passion for spreading those ideas to others. They are:

Who Will Build the Roads? And Other Questions about Free Societies

Going Green: Free Market Environmentalism

Liberty, the Original Trendsetter

The True Costs of War

Made in China: Economic Development

Rebels with a Cause


In addition, for those of you who already have a strong understanding of these ideas, FEE offers a 1 week advanced seminar: Communicating Liberty. This seminar will teach you how to communicate the ideas of liberty effectively in a variety of media. It will help you be a more effective networker and teach you how to build a strong resume to find a job in the liberty movement or in the for-profit world.

Here is what some of last year’s students had to say about FEE’s Summer Seminars: