October 30th– “Bloody and Invisible Shakespeare: Shakespeare and Adam Smith ” with Sarah Skwire  (8:00-9:00PM Eastern Time/2:00-3:00AM Central European Summer Time)

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  • Adam Smith’s metaphor of the “invisible hand” comes from Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s eeriest and bloodiest plays. While, for some time, critics have debated what that direct reference to Macbeth can tell us about Smith’s thinking about markets, they have not noticed other, less explicit allusions to Macbeth in Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments and Wealth of Nations. This webinar will outline those bloody and invisible allusions and discuss what Smith’s interest in Macbeth might reveal to us about his preoccupations and concerns.
  • Sarah Skwire is the author of the college writing textbook, Writing with a Thesis, which is about to enter its 12th edition. She has won prizes for her poetry which has appeared, among other places, in Standpoint, the New Criterion, and The Vocabula Review.  Sarah has published a range of academic articles on subjects from Shakespeare to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and her writing has appeared in journals as varied as Literature and Medicine, The George Herbert Journal, and The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Recent pieces have appeared in Cato Unbound, and The Freeman. She writes a twice-monthly book review column, Book Value, for The Freeman Online, and has lectured for FEE and HIS. She graduated with honors in English from Wesleyan University, and earned a MA and PhD in English from the University of Chicago. Her research interests focus on the intersections of economics and literature. Sarah is also a full-time Fellow at Liberty Fund, Inc., a non-profit educational foundation. Sarah and her husband are raising two wonderful daughters, aged 7 and 4.