The first ever Northwest Students For Liberty Regional Conference is just over a week away. The conference will bring together pro-liberty students from all over the Pacific Northwest to the University of Washington to meet each other and learn how to best advance the ideas of liberty on their campus.

We are excited to announce that we have just confirmed a new speaker, former Washington Supreme Court Justice Richard B. Sanders. As a private practitioner he championed the civil rights of his clients and as a Justice he regards protecting our constitutionally guaranteed liberties as the first duty of our highest court. Justice Sanders believes the court must protect all the legal rights of all the citizens who come before it all the time.  He has been such a staunch defender of individual liberty that Ron Paul endorsed his campaign to reclaim his seat on the court!

Sanders’ favorite line in the state constitution provides it is the role of government “to protect and maintain individual rights.” “That’s what I tried to do in every case from the rights of the accused to property rights, from open government to the right to keep and bear arms.”

The conference is fast approaching and space is filling up fast. Full information and registration is available here. Your registration includes 3 free meals, all sessions, materials, free books, and an evening social event.  Please help us spread the word by joining the Facebook event and inviting your friends and group mates! Don’t let anyone miss out on this great opportunity because no one told them!