In Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged, the phrase “who is John Galt” appears in graffiti all over the country. It symbolizes uncertainty and fear for some and a hopeful challenge for others. The phrase strikes at the soul and creates intrigue for the reader. With the release of the Atlas Shrugged Part II movie this Friday, now is the time to use this timeless tool to our advantage. Now is the time to plaster the campus with this iconic phrase. 

As a part of our Visibility Campaign, SFL has partnered with the creators of Atlas Shrugged Part II to provide “Who is John Galt” flyers and promotional materials to student groups. These kits contain all sorts of need swag items including flyers, posters, promotional cards, t-shirts, and bumper stickers. Imagine how great your campus would look when all the students walk to class and could not turn their heads without seeing one of these posters. You can make it happen.

Visit  to request your kit today!

Atlas Shrugged Part II will be released in theaters this Friday, October 12! Click here for details about theaters and showtimes, and be sure to tell your friends!