On October 27, Saturday, the Ayn Rand Institute and the Foundation for Economic Education are co-sponsoring a day-long conference on the Morality of Capitalism in Irvine, Ca. The conference is a unique opportunity to engage with top free market thinkers, participate in lectures and discussions, and network with other students. In addition, attendees will receive free books and three meals, and the conference will wrap up with an evening social at a nearby restaurant. Click here for more information about the conference!

Speakers include:

Yaron Brook – President and Executive Director, Ayn Rand Institute
Lawrence W. Reed – President, Foundation for Economic Education (via Skype)
John Allison – incoming President, Cato Instutute (via Skype)
Peter J. Boettke – Professor of Economics, George Mason University
Onkar Ghate – Senior Fellow, Ayn Rand Institute
Debi Ghate – Vice President of Education and Research, Ayn Rand Institute
Tsvetelin M. Tsonevski – Director of Academic Affairs, Foundation for Economic Education

Exclusive Friday Night Event!

A select number of spots are available for students to attend a private dinner with the instructors and staff on Friday night, and to stay at an area hotel the night before the conference. To apply, register via the link above and email your resume and a one-page personal statement indicating why you deserve to attend this special event to Brandon Wasicsko at bwasicsko@aynrand.org, by Sunday, October 14.