Many people, especially young people, are intimidated by the idea of networking. Fear not! Dr. Nigel Ashford is here to explain the skills you’ll need to create your network and have fun while you do it. Tune in tomorrow at 2PM Eastern, 20:00 Central European Summer Time.

September 25th– “Creating Your Network” with Dr. Nigel Ashford

(2:00PM-3:00PM Eastern Time/20:00-21:00 Central European Summer Time)

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  • Why network? Because networks are people communicating with each other, sharing ideas, information and resources. As Students For Liberty this is an important aspect of our mission. Therefore this webinar will explain the value and skills of networking.
  • Dr. Nigel Ashford is senior program officer at the Institute for Humane Studies and works on many of the Institute’s educational programs. He joined IHS from the United Kingdom where he was professor of politics and Jean Monnet Scholar in European Integration at Staffordshire University, England. He is the author of Principles for a Free Society.