Be sure to catch Dr. Dan D’Amico tomorrow night, September 18th for his talk on “Modern Economics as Subaltern Studies.” (8:00-9:00PM Eastern Time/2:00-3:00AM Central European Summer Time)

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  • Subaltern research; inspired by thinkers such as Antonio Gramsci, progressed by theorists such as Michel Foucault, and most recently refined by writers such as Guyatri Spivak, is a sub-discipline within post-colonial studies. It seeks unique methods and theories to provide a more complete vision of history than those biased narratives residually produced through colonial oppression and human subjugation. Winners of wars typically write the history books, but not necessarily in accurate ways. I argue that the Austrian tradition provides a unique perspective, well-equipped to enter this discourse. To date Austrian thinkers have been predominantly ignored and or dismissed by researchers within the post-colonial project, though much contemporary Austrian research can arguably be described as subaltern in topic and insight. Though researchers deploying Austrian methods have yet to contextualize their work within the subaltern framework.
  • Dr. Dan D’Amico is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Loyola University New Orleans and has received University awards for teaching, research and service. His current research is focused upon applying various political economy perspectives including Austrian Economics, Public Choice and New Institutional Economics to understand the processes of social change surrounding punishment and incarceration through history and in the United States today.