The Final Round at the 2011 Charity Poker Tournament

Not sure whether you should attend the 2012 Students For Liberty Charity Poker Tournament yet?  Time is running out as Thursday, September 13th approaches.  Here are a few reasons you should register ASAP:

  1. Celebrity Players– John Stossel, Tom Palmer, Gene Healy, and Jerry Taylor are just a few guests whose names you may recognize.  If you’ve never met them in person, now is your chance to not just meet them, but try to take them down!
  2. Worthwhile Competition – While some of the above names may not play poker too often, this will not be a cake-walk.  Jeff Yass and Arthur Dantchik started Susquehanna International Group in part with poker winnings.  John Aglialoro isn’t just an exercise machine producer slash film producer, he’s also the 2004 US Poker Champion.  And Bill Chen, professional poker player, just may join as well.
  3. Great Prizes – If you think you can take these players on, the rewards may be significant.  Beyond the pride of winning, we have confirmed a John Stossel VIP package, dinner with Jeff Yass, and tickets to the world premiere of Atlas Shrugged: Part II as prizes for the tournament.
  4. Poker Isn’t Gambling – At least, according to a federal judge who recently said poker was “predominantly a game of skill,” laying the groundwork for its legalization.
  5. The Future of Liberty – Thanks to the SFL Charity Poker Tournament’s generous sponsors who have covered the costs of the event, all proceeds from the evening will go directly to Students For Liberty to spread the ideas of liberty to the next generation.  The future may look bleak at times, but the growth and success of SFL is a sign that there is a bright future for freedom.  Don’t just base your opinion on our report, though.  Some of SFL’s top student leaders will be in attendance throughout the evening, giving you a chance to meet with the future leaders of liberty.

The SFL Charity Poker Tournament takes place on Thursday, September 13th at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City.  We already have twice as many players as last year, so be sure to register ASAP before space runs out!

If you have any questions, please contact me at