The fall semester is fast approaching and with it, several great opportunities to promote your pro-liberty club on campus! Be sure to request your tabling kits, copies of The Morality of Capitalism, and other free books by THIS FRIDAY, August 10, to ensure they reach you in time for the new school year.

Most universities host student activity or club fairs at the beginning of the school year to help introduce new students to organizations that promote activities and enhance the college experience outside of the classroom. We all know that liberty is awesome, but attempting to rein in freshmen or new converts by emphatically preaching the truth of the Austrian Business Cycle or Hayek’s theory of social change from behind an ill-supplied table usually ends up being much less effective than one might think (trust us on this, we’ve all been there).

Want to make sure your club outshines the competition? Students For Liberty is here to help you attract hordes of new members with our Fall 2012 “On the Ground” student resources.

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If you didn’t have a chance to score a box of our last publication, never fear! Back by popular demand, we are offering another opportunity to order 100 free copies of The Morality of Capitalism for this fall here.

Once you have new members interested, they’re going to want more opportunities to learn. Build up your club library by taking advantage of our Free Books Program. Check out the newly added titles to our full list here.