In case you’ve missed the recent story on Yahoo! News discussing the growing fashionability of libertarianism, you can also find the story in The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, and The Seattle Times, among many other local papers and news outlets nationwide.

In the article titled “With ‘freedom’ in fashion, is libertarianism back?,” Students For Liberty President and Co-Founder Alexander McCobin makes the compelling argument for why America’s youth are becoming more and more libertarian:

This is the most libertarian generation that’s ever existed, and it’s because libertarianism is just correct… Ever since the original Bush bailouts and then Obama’s program and everything being done by both the Republicans and Democrats to grow government, it’s starting to open a lot of eyes. They’re looking for an alternative narrative for what’s going on in the world and realizing that libertarianism provides an explanation for what’s happening — and a solution to it.

Since our inception, SFL has been helping our activists across the globe grow the student movement for liberty, and it’s so rewarding to see the impact that our students are making recognized in such influential media outlets! Keep up the hard work, and keep making liberty fashionable!