Our friends and partners in Eastern Europe have a lot to offer this summer! We would like to present to you four summer seminars in Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia that focus on the ideas of liberty.


The Instytut Globalizacji (Globalization Institute) in Poland invites pro-liberty students from around the world to take part in the Liberty English Camp from 2-7 July 2012.

Since the first Liberty English Camp took place 13 years ago, it has become an institution in the region is again returning to the idyllic town of Milówka in Southern Poland, close to the Czech and Slovak border. During the seminar, participants explore liberty from various perspectives. A strong focus will be on entrepreneurship and the current economic crisis. This year is also going to be unique as the Language of Liberty Institute is working together with the Polish-American Leadership Academy on the camp.

As with previous Liberty English Camps, one of the goals of the seminar is to make it possible for participants to improve their level of English with the help of experienced teachers, and small group discussions.

Registration is open until 15 June 2012 at www.globalizacja.org/en/camp, where you will find further details. The participation fee is 170 EUR.


Another liberty camp will take place from 24-30 June in Vrútky, Slovakia, organised by the INESS (Institute of Economic and Social Studies) as well as the Language of Liberty Institute. If you want to explore economics, philosophy and entrepreneurship surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, this is your chance.

Topics will include economics, entrepreneurship, philosophy and law; lecturers come from the USA, Australia, the UK and Slovakia, and as with the camp in Poland, one of the goals is to improve participants’ English-speaking skills.

Check out http://www.iness.sk/lec/en/ for more info on this wonderful opportunity. You can register until 10 June 2012, the paricipation fee is 125 EUR.


The Slovenian think tank Društvo Svetilnik (Lighthouse Association) will hold the 5th annual Liberty Seminars this year from 27 August – 1 September 2012 at Lake Bled, located between Ljubljana and Villach.

Two seminars are available: The Liberty Camp and the Liberty Academy. The Liberty Camp explores the historical, philosophical, and economic foundations of a free society. This seminar is mostly attended by high school and college students.

The Liberty Academy is dedicated to the advanced study of liberty. This seminar is mostly attended by graduate students, junior scholars, young professionals and advanced undergraduate students who are well versed in the principles of the free society.

The participation fee is set at 700 EUR; however, there are scholarships of 500 and 700 EUR available. Applications are now open, with an early bird deadline of 1 June 2012 and a final deadline on 1 July 2012. Find out more: http://liberty-seminars.com/