Today Students For Liberty is thrilled to announce our new book project: After the Welfare State. Once again students will be able to request up to 500 free copies of this new book for mass distribution on campus this fall.

The third in our series of publications building on the success of The Economics of Freedom and The Morality of Capitalism, we will be tackling one of the most critical issues facing young people today. Edited by Dr. Tom G. Palmer, After the Welfare State will explain the history and motivations of the modern welfare state, examine its current crisis, explain how it is used as an immoral tool of state control and subjection, and propose possible alternatives for providing mutual aid in a world after government imposed welfare programs have run their course.

Our politicians and, frankly, our parents have failed us. They have used the mechanisms of the welfare state to hold power and live off the backs of future generations. Now we have to take our futures into own hands. If not us, who? If not now, when?

In keeping with our model of student empowerment, we will be printing 125,000 copies of this new book for mass distribution on college campuses this fall.

Click here to learn more about the project and request your free copies today.

Dr. Tom Palmer

“Young people today are being robbed. Of their rights.  Of their freedom.  Of their dignity.  Of their futures.  The culprits?  My generation and our predecessors, who either created or failed to stop the world straddling engine of theft, degradation, manipulation, and social control we call the welfare state.”
– Tom G. Palmer