Join SFL tomorrow night at 8PM for a Webinar with Matt Pritchard of The Seasteading Institute.

Wednesday, March 7 at 8pm EST

Speaker: Matt Pritchard

 “Building a New Frontier: How Ocean Cities Can Revolutionize Politics”

In this lecture, Matt will show why traditional libertarian tactics have failed to bring about a freer society, and how seasteading, or homesteading the high seas, can radically change that.  He will discuss how incentives play a large role in human behavior, and demonstrate that by altering the incentive structure of the global political landscape, we can radically improve the lives of billions of people.  To help make this vision a reality, the lecture will conclude with an outline of critical research projects which need the attention of the exceptional students of Students For Liberty.

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Matt is a Volunteer Ambassador for The Seasteading Institute.  After finishing his undergraduate studies in Theatre Arts at Saint Martin’s University, he moved to New York City where he currently spends his time pursuing his acting career and building his photography business.  He has spent the last several years of his life independently studying economics, with a focus on the Austrian School, anarcho-capitalism, and more recently Public Choice theory. Matt has also studied the economics and history of incarceration through the Mises Academy under Professor Dan D’Amico. Matt is also an active libertarian video blogger on YouTube. His channel can be found here: