The American Enterprise Summer Institute brings together 25 select college undergraduates for an opportunity unlike any other in Washington: a monthlong, fully-funded experience debating ideas about liberty and free enterprise and learning the principles and methods of public policy analysis.

Summer Institute students spend a month working with and learning from AEI scholars and fellows. But these aren’t typical think tankers. AEI researchers uniquely understand Washington, having spent time as political appointees, executive branch consultants, journalists, professors, and writers. No other program has a core faculty with such diverse and distinguished backgrounds.

At the end of the summer, students leave understanding why—and how—AEI scholars think like they do. And they leave prepared to make a difference, as more effective intellectual and practical supporters of liberty, individual opportunity, and free enterprise in America and around the world.

The application deadline for the American Enterprise Summer Institute is March 31, 2012! Click here for more program details and application instructions.