Three days before Thanksgiving break, the Arizona State University Students For Liberty joined forces with the College Republicans and the Network of Enlightened Women to host a free speech wall on our campus. The ideas presented on the wall were very diverse and varied across the political spectrum. Some commented on who they wanted to be the next president, others wrote about respecting LGBTQ rights on campus, and a few drew peace signs and flowers. Many of the students who wrote on the free speech wall engaged in lively discussions about the things they had written. Even a reporter from the college newspaper stopped by to interview the three clubs about the wall and later wrote an article which was published online.

Arizona State University is the largest university in the nation to be given a Green Spotlight rating for free speech by the Foundation of Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). Only 15 colleges have been given such a rating by FIRE, meaning that there is nothing in the school’s policies that seriously hinders free speech on campus. The free speech wall at Arizona State was a great way for students to practice their right to speak and to encourage discussions about the issues that concern them. To learn more about FIRE and to see what your school has been ranked, visit their website at: