Are you an alumnus who is interested in giving back to the student movement for liberty?  Do you want to help more students learn about the ideas of liberty or guide young leaders of liberty in their efforts on campus?  Do you want to help build the network of pro-liberty alumni? If so, you should consider applying for the Alumni For Liberty Board!

Alumni For Liberty is a project of Students For Liberty that provides a way for alumni dedicated to freedom to remain involved in supporting the student movement for liberty.  AFL helps mentor students interested in careers that advance liberty, advise student organizations dedicated to liberty, provide moral and financial support for students, and provide an overarching support network to connect alumni and students with one another.

The Alumni For Liberty Board is composed of highly motivated alumni who are dedicated to leading the effort of involving alumni in the student movement for liberty.  Requirements to join the AFL Board include:

  1. Selection to the AFL Board through the application process
  2. A financial commitment to the student movement for liberty in the form of a meaningful donation to Students For Liberty, the definition of each depending on the individual (e.g. $25 may be meaningful for an AFL Board member who just graduated and is in Teach For America, whereas an AFL Board member who works as an attorney at a law firm may donate more)
  3. A strong commitment to supporting the student movement for liberty in some additional capacity based on your skills and interests

If you have graduated from an undergraduate course of study and would like to stay involved in the student movement for liberty, then we encourage you to apply here:

With the application window for all AFL candidates closing September 10th, interested alumnus should apply as soon as possible.