Students For Liberty and the Atlas Network have partnered to produce a new book titled The Morality of Capitalism, What Your Professors Won’t Tell You.  The book combines the writings of various philosophers, economists, Nobel Prize winners, and entrepreneurs to make the case that not only do markets deliver the goods, but that a true free market system is a prerequisite for a just, prosperous, and cooperative society.

“Interview with an Entrepreneur” featuring John Mackey, the co-founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, is one of the highlights of this new book.  As a preview of the book’s release, the Atlas Network produced this video of Mr. Mackey on many of the key concepts he discusses in the book.  As he well explains, capitalism and the freedom of entrepreneurs are the engines that lifted billions of people out of poverty over the past two hundred years.

Currently 100,000 copies of these books are being shipped to student groups and advocates of liberty all across the globe.  Young leaders will use these books as a tool to educate their fellow students on the value of liberty and free market capitalism.

Learn more about The Morality of Capitalism project, including the book and the accompanying essay contest,  at