The 3rd Volume of the Journal of Liberty & Society, SFL’s academic journal for undergraduates, has just been published.  Congratulations to the Editor-in-Chief, Carlo Ludovico Cordasco for doing a great job with this year’s Journal!  You can download and read it out here:

Journal of Liberty & Society, Volume 3

The Journal of Liberty & Society is SFL’s annual academic journal for students interested in the intellectual underpinnings of a free society.  The purpose of this journal is to encourage academic work surrounding the topic of liberty and its role in society for students everywhere.

Look out for the announcement of the Prometheus Institute Awards of the Top Paper and Honorable Mentions!

Here is the index of the 3rd Volume of the Journal to whet your appetite:

Letter from the Editor

Shakespeare’s Place in Law & Literature
Allen Mendenhall

Herbert Hoover: Laissez pas Faire
Matthew Dodson

On Liberty, Community Standards, and Porn
Kevin Duewel

Libertarian Theories of Natural Rights from the Need for Government Protection to Anarchism
Stacy Litz

Democracy and universal suffrage: a necessary evil?
Vincenzo Alfano

A Theory of The Ultimate Cause of Economic Development: Using Ayn Rand’s Ethics to Solve the Development Puzzle
Brandon M. Wasicsko

The Economic Point of View: An Essay in the History of Economic Thought, by Israel Kirzner. Volume 1 in The Collected Works of Israel Kirzner, edited by Peter J. Boettke and Frédéric Sautet. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 2009. Hardcover: ISBN 978-0-86597-733-4, 239 pages
Adrián Pérez

Download the Journal and check out all of the fantastic work done by these undergraduates.