The cause of liberty knows no boundaries.  Ever since SFL’s first conference in February 2008, we have endeavored to support students around the world in the cause of liberty.  Toward that end, it is my pleasure to announce SFL’s most significant endeavor to date to help students outside the United States with the formation of European Students For Liberty.

Over the Spring, SFL selected 8 European students to form the first European Students For Liberty Executive Board:

  • Carlo Cordasco, University of Pisa (Italy)
  • Anton Howes, King’s College London (United Kingdom)
  • Jan Hayen, EM-Lyon Business School (Belgium)
  • Egle Markeviciute, Vilnius University (Lithuania)
  • Frederik Roeder,  (Germany)
  • Nick Roskams, University of Leuven (Belgium)
  • Gabrielle Shiner, Queen Mary University (United Kingdom)
  • Wolf von Laer, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid (Germany/Spain)

ESFL Executive Board plus Adam Smith the Adam Smith Institute.

Each member of the ESFL Executive Board brings significant leadership experience from running already existing pro-liberty student groups such as the Flemish Classical Liberal Student Association and the Lithuanian Liberal Youth as well as a deep-seated passion for spreading the message of liberty to students across Europe.  After a rigorous online training program that spanned 4 continents (some students were studying abroad), the team met in person to plan for the upcoming school year at the first European Students For Liberty Leadership Retreat.

The retreat took place in London at the hallowed ground of the Institute for Economic Affairs, the first modern libertarian think tank founded by Sir Antony Fisher.

Over the coming year, students can expect:

  • The first European Students For Liberty Conference (coming up in November 2011)
  • Special European online seminars
  • Resources for student groups in Europe
  • Local support for student groups in Europe to start and grow
  • Much more!

The consensus at the ESFL Leadership Retreat was that the biggest problem ESFL would face this year is keeping up with the demand for these opportunities.  Just as was the case in the US before SFL was founded, there has been a growing number of students in Europe interested in liberty, but without an outlet to express their views.  The time has come to give them the resources to become effective advocates of liberty.  If there is any team that can keep up with the demand, it is this ESFL Executive Board.