We at Students For Liberty and our partners at the Atlas Network are proud to unveil the cover design of our new book, The Morality of Capitalism, What Your Professors Won’t Tell You.  We are printing 60,000 of these books for mass distribution on college campuses this fall.

This cover visually represents the key elements of the Morality of Capitalism.  That true free market capitalism is a moral social system.  That capitalism creates mutual value through voluntary exchange.  That it brings people from around the world together through peaceful, harmonious transactions.

This book will provide students for liberty all across the globe with a valuable tool in the battle for liberty on campus.  It contains the work of two Nobel Prize winners, a world-famous entrepreneur, and works from an international lineup of renowned scholars, philosophers, economists, and historians.  The book makes a compelling case from multiple perspectives as to why free market capitalism is a moral system.  Here is a list of the articles contained within The Morality of Capitalism:

  • The Morality of Capitalism, by Tom G. Palmer
  • Interview with an Entrepreneur, featuring John Mackey, Founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market
  • Liberty and Dignity Explain the Modern World, by Deirdre N. McCloskey
  • Competition and Cooperation, by David Boaz
  • For-Profit Medicine and the Compassion Motive, by Tom G. Palmer
  • The Paradox of Morality, by Mao Yushi
  • The Moral Logic of Equality and Inequality in Market Society, by Leonid V. Nikonov
  • Adam Smith and the Myth of Greed, by Tom G. Palmer
  • Ayn Rand and Capitalism: The Moral Revolution, by David Kelley
  • The Market Economy and the Distribution of Wealth, by Ludwig Lachmann
  • Political and Economic Freedoms Together Spawn Humanity’s Miracles, by Temba A Nolutshungu
  • Global Capitalism and Justice, by June Arunga
  • Human Betterment Through Globalization, by Vernon Smith, Nobel Laureate in Economics
  • The Culture of Liberty, by Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Laureate in Literature

In “Interview with an Entrepreneur”, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey best described the task in front of us as students for liberty.  We have to change the narrative about capitalism:

“Capitalism is a source of value.  It’s the most amazing vehicle for social cooperation that has ever existed.  And that’s the story we need to tell.  We need to change the narrative.  From an ethical standpoint, we need to change the narrative of capitalism, to show that it’s about creating shared value, not for the few, but for everyone.  If people could see that the way I see it, people would love capitalism the way I love it.”

That is indeed the task before us today.  Click here to request up to 500 copies of The Morality of Capitalism for your student group today so that you can spread the message of liberty, capitalism, and peace to your fellow students this fall.