To encourage would-be entrepreneurs to explore how best to take advantage of the unique regulatory and physical advantages of oceanic real estate, The Seasteading Institute launched the Sink or Swim business plan contest. Entrants assumed their businesses would exist as one of many businesses aboard a platform 25 miles off the coast of a large first-world city, such as Miami or Shanghai.

Contestants created entrepreneurial models which illustrated a key concept from seasteading theory: international waters provide a legal environment where innovators and entrepreneurs can create sea-based businesses to compete with their land-based counterparts.

Check out the contest winners!

$5000 Grand Prize
Delishus Fishes by Mike Doty and Travis Cannell
Mike Doty and Travis Cannell fleshed out the competitive advantages of fish farming on platforms in international waters.

$2000 Second Place Winner
Boundless Talent Consulting Services by Theresa Klein
Theresa Klein envisioned what foreign workers could accomplish locating in international waters without having to deal with worker visa restrictions.

$1500 HumanIPO Favorite
Res Judicata by Michelle and Thrond Toftely
Michelle and Thrond Toftely showed how arbitration and dispute resolution mechanisms may be evolving away from traditional land-based governments in the near future.

$750 Most Creative
Children of the Sea by Arthur B
Arthur B imagined how seasteads could give children from impoverished backgrounds a second chance at life by creating a school for gifted youth from around the world.

$750 Best Seasteading PR
Aquaculture Testbed and Investment by Robert Lee and Team
Robert Lee and his team created a platform for the testing of new aquaculture technologies and models aboard seasteads.