The 2011 International Conference featured a taping of The Stossel Show, which will air on Fox Business Network on Thursday, March 31st at 9pm and 12am ET.

Tune in to show your support for the student liberty movement! This is our big chance to show a wide audience that students are serious about promoting individual, economic, and academic freedom.  And, as Bryan Caplan, Ilya Somin, Gene Healy, and even Stossel himself acknowledged; we look good doing it!

So what can you do?


Tell your friends, family, neighbors and teachers about the show and encourage them to tune in. If ratings are good, this will open the door for further media coverage and involvement in the student liberty movement. We know we are awesome, let’s make sure the rest of the country knows that too!

Spread the word by inviting your friends to the Facebook event here:!/event.php?eid=129196330485760

Organize a Viewing Party!

Get your student group and friends together to watch the show. Who doesn’t love a little party on Thursdays? Not to mention, you can look for your face (or the faces of friends) in the crowd!

Find a location that has the Fox Business Network and will let you gather to watch; whether it be at someone’s house, in a bar, or perhaps at your state-based think tank!

Talk About It Online!

Share your thoughts during the show by mentioning @SFLiberty and @FBNStossel on twitter with the hashtag #2011ISFLC.

You can also keep up on the conversation during the show on SFL’s Facebook Page!