A tweet from Bryan Caplan, Economics professor at GMU and speaker at the 2011 ISFLC

Over five hundred liberty advocates converged this weekend on the George Washington University campus in Washington, DC to attend the Fourth Annual International Students For Liberty Conference hosted by GWU’s Liberty Society!

Students For Liberty Executive Board member Pericles Niarchos and Campus Coordinator Michelle Fields had the opportunity to speak to Judge Napolitano on Fox Business Network’s Freedom Watch about the conference. Fox News will air the interview on Sunday, February 20th at 9pm EST.

Reason.tv covered the entire event and conducted interviews with students.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the reason.tv video release!

Several Students For Liberty leaders with Stossel

The conference featured a taping of the STOSSEL show, where John Stossel and Cato Vice President David Boaz spoke to students about the ideas of liberty. Dozens of enthusiastic students had the opportunity to ask Stossel and Boaz questions regarding the philosophy or liberty.

The highly anticipated 2011 SFL Awards were presented at the conference. These annual awards are given to celebrate the student movement by highlighting the work of some of the strongest pro-liberty student leaders in the world. Congratulations to the 2011 SFL Award Winners:

  • Student Event of the Year: University of Nevada-Reno Students for Liberty: Abolish the ASUN Festival
  • Student of the Year: SFL Campus Coordinator Michelle Fields
  • Student Group of the Year: University of California Berkeley Students for Liberty

The SFL awards recognize the incredible work that students are doing on campuses and serve as a way to both empower students and inspire future student leaders. One student from SUNY Albany, Jeremy Kolassa, attended the event and tweeted his reaction:

Feeling very optimistic about our future from this event. The world is moving forward, to freedom. #2011isflc

This is the largest Conference in Students For Liberty’s history and a testament to the rapid growth and strength of the student movement. At the closing ceremony, SFL welcomed the newly elected members of the 2010-2011 SFL Executive Board. These members have proven themselves to be passionate advocates of liberty and will help SFL continue to grow tremendously.

Joining the SFL Executive Board:
Clint Townsend – University of North Texas
Andrew Kaluza – University of Texas San Antonio
Anton Howes – King’s College London
Molly Fratianne – Ashland University
Jennifer Jones – Salem College
Karina Zannat – American University
Frederick Roeder – University of Bayreuth

The conference included too many incredible activities to name them all, but here is a brief sampling of the opportunities that were made available to students this weekend:

  • A new decentralized conference itinerary, which included over forty-five different sessions.
  • An Advanced Austrian Economics session run by the Foundation for Economic Education, Liberty 101 sessions run by the Institute for Humane Studies, and an Advanced Colloquium run by Liberty Fund.
  • A liberty fair, where Students For Liberty’s sponsor organizations met with students to give out information about scholarships, internships, and employment opportunities within the liberty movement.
  • Speeches from Dr. Tyler Cowen, Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, and Megan McArdle.

The 2011 International SFL Conference was an amazing event that speaks volumes about the success and rapid growth of Students For Liberty. We thank everyone who helped make the conference such a success!