Students For Liberty is proud to announce that the 2011 International Students For Liberty Conference will include and Reason Foundation guest speaker Shikha Dalmia. The team will cover the conference, interview attendees and produce a piece highlighting the conference that will be released online. was launched in October 2007, with the help of Drew Carey, as a new initiative to further the Reason Foundation‘s advocacy for “free minds and free markets.” is a video/web complement to Reason Foundation’s policy work and the monthly periodical Reason magazine. was initially built around The Drew Carey Project, an ongoing series of video segments and journalistic videos done by Drew Carey. has experienced rapid growth since its inception, and now features a wide-range of content covering all aspects of liberty from the TSA to a pithy award series called Porkers of the Month.

Here are some highlights of’s work over the past year:

Come join the world’s largest gathering of pro-liberty students and some of the biggest names in the liberty movement.

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