2010 was an exciting year for SFL.  In addition to our usual reports, I felt it would be fun to list the 10 most impressive happenings for SFL this year.  What will happen in 2011? We have plans to make SFL’s Programs bigger and better, but we need you to do it. Make a donation now for one more tax deduction in 2010 and help prepare the next generation of leaders of liberty in 2011.  Or register/promote the 4th Annual International SFL Conference coming up in less than 2 months!  So, in no particular order, the SFL Top 10 of 2010:

  1. SFL Network Growth – SFL’s network has more than doubled to over 425 student groups.  If 2010 was this successful, just imagine what’s ahead for us in 2011!
  2. SFL Causes Controversy at CPAC 2010 – SFL certainly made a splash by standing up for the rights of everyone and opposing discrimination at last year’s CPAC.  In fact, social conservatives are calling CPAC too libertarian now in part because of what happened last year.  You can watch my speech and the other panelist’s reaction here.
  3. 2010 ISFLC Beats Snowpocalypse – While Snowpocalypse shut down the federal government for 4 days, over 300 liberty advocates trekked to Washington DC.  (And if you think that was one heck of a weekend, then  you should register for the 2011 ISFLC in February!)
  4. Campus Coordinator Program – SFL successfully launched our new Campus Coordinator Program with over 20 trained students to support student groups in their areas.
  5. New Staff – When SFL was founded, we originally conceived it to be an entirely volunteer-run organization.  Yet we grew so large this past year that we had to grow our staff to 3 full time, amazing individuals.  We have been incredibly lucky to have Blayne, Peter, and Clark working full time on the student movement for liberty.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making SFL so incredible!
  6. FreedomFest 2010 – SFL took 15 scholarship recipients to FreedomFest this past year to network, learn, and celebrate the cause of freedom.  It was so successful, that we’re planning to ramp up our involvement in FreedomFest in 2011.  Look out for details soon!
  7. 2010 Regional Conferences – 9 Regional Conferences with over 1,000 attendees.  I don’t think much more needs to be said.
  8. E-Leadership Webinars – SFL is now running a webinar each week on topics ranging from transitioning leadership in your student group to how to improve your rhetoric for liberty.
  9. Libertarianism v. Conservatism Debate – Who can forget the amazing debate SFL co-sponsored with AFF at Cato that pitted DC interns against one another on the topic of “Libertarianism v. Conservatism”?  Watch the video of it again here.  It also spawned some very interesting posts such as Liya’s “A Case for a Free Market of Ideas and Traditions,” my “Considering a Conservative Plea for Libertarian Support,” and Clark’s “Is ‘Conservative’ A Dirty Word?”
  10. SFL on Reason and Fox Business NetworkMichelle Fields, SFL’s Los Angeles Campus Coordinator was featured on both reason.tv and Fox Business Network.  Check them out here: