Tea Party Students is America’s united umbrella network for the Tea Party youth wing, which is making its public debut with 12 on-campus groups, and projects for Tea Party Youth, Tea Party Teens, and Tea Party Kids.

Tea Party Students utilizes a “supergroup” strategy by cross-networking all members and groups with the top national Tea Party organizations, and allowing all Tea Party Students groups to opt-in to recognition and/or resources from open-networking allies, including Students For Liberty.

A Tea Party Leaders Advisory Board to Tea Party Students includes Darla Dawald (ResistNet), Michael Patrick Leahy (Nationwide Tea Party Coalition), Judson Phillips (Tea Party Nation), and Diana Reimer (Tea Party Patriots).  A Tea Party Professors Advisory Board was just initiated with Dr. William Kline, who is the founder of the academic field of Liberty Studies.

If you have any questions about Tea Party Students or would like to get involved, email Daniel Oliver at Danny@TeaPartyStudents.Org.  You can also visit TeaPartyStudents.org to learn more!