Ross Kenyon is currently living and studying in Istanbul, Turkey, where he works with the libertarian 3H Movement. He is a member of the Arizona State University Students For Liberty leadership team, a Research Assistant with the Center for a Stateless Society, and has recently started his own organization, Mutual Aid on the High Seas, devoted to sailing to impoverished communities in the Caribbean, performing humanitarian aid, and promoting dialogue about liberty as an emancipatory philosophy for working people.

The first two weeks of October a van full of classically liberal Turkish students of the 3H Movement went on a 2400 mile, two week lecture tour to eleven different universities throughout Turkey. The journey, proposed and funded by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation in co-sponsorship with the Smith Family Foundation, was dubbed “Özgürlük Yolu,” literally translated as “Freedom on the Road.” The van was covered with a map of our destinations and the Turkish equivalents of private property, individualism, tolerance, peace, free markets, amongst other libertarian principles. Their scholars spoke on Turkey’s possible integration into the European Union, human rights protection, democracy vs. authoritarianism, taming the role of the military in Turkish politics, tolerance for minorities, especially the Kurds, and what it means to be liberal in a culture deeply influenced by socialism, nationalism, and Islam.

Their tour was a huge success, and many of the events were packed with attendees. They are continuing to build off of that momentum now, organizing their own webinar series. SFL co-founder Alexander McCobin will be addressing the group in a webinar before their Turkish Youth Liberal Congress this Spring in order to help facilitate this process.

Take a look at their English writings from the road, a few of which I contributed, and keep your eyes on these foreign freedom fighters. They find inspiration in Students For Liberty. We hope you will feel the same way when you see their struggle as parallel to SFL’s in the worldwide front for liberty.