Last month, SFL’s Southeast Regional Conference, which brought together 120 liberty activists from the south, had the privilege of hearing from Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller, two of the liberty movement’s most involved, hands-on activists. Their talk, entitled “Voluntaryism and Activism,” focused on how the average citizen can engage in local activism to bring about real change.

Pete and Adam just wrapped up their latest project, Liberty on Tour, which entailed an excursion to 13 cities in 13 weeks with the purpose of advocating the message of voluntaryism. Their first project was The Motorhome Diaries in 2009 where they took to the road in search of liberty across America.

After compiling footage from the event, Liberty on Tour released a blog post and video, giving a cross section of the day’s speakers and events. Check it out here:

If you aren’t yet familiar with Pete and Adam, you should be. Take a few minutes to browse the websites above to learn more about their message, their projects, and their success.

Also, as the regional conference season has just concluded, it’s time to start preparing for the 2011 International Students For Liberty Conference. Space is limited, so register today.