“Your willpower is the engine of liberty on campus.”

– SFL Executive Board Member Irena Schneider @ the Mid-Atlantic Students For Liberty Conference.

The 2010 Students For Liberty Regional Conferences started with a bang this past Saturday in Philadelphia.  With 163 total attendees, this event set a record for the largest regional conference SFL has ever held, and the second largest conference overall (only the 2010 International Conference was larger with 304 attendees).

The 2010 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference @ Drexel University

The conference started strong with an opening speech by anarchist blogger and radio host Stefan Molyneux.  The momentum was continued throughout the afternoon by a series of breakout sessions, workshops, and panel discussions.

My personal favorite was the Student Leadership Panel, a staple of all SFL conferences where successful student leaders share tips and best practices for student organizing.  This panel featured Tyler Frazier of the Drexel Student Liberty Front, Irena Schneider of American University and the SFL Executive Board, and Meg Patrick of the GMU Econ Society.  Each of them shared their experiences and offered useful insights for the student attendees.  Irena summed up the spirit of student organizing when she said, “Your willpower is the engine of liberty on campus.”  We all know that our professors are not inclined to teach the ideas of liberty in the classroom, that is why our student groups are so important.  The future of liberty relies on motivated student leaders to organize student groups and bring the ideas of liberty to their fellow students.

The conference was concluded by a rousing keynote address by Cato Institute Executive Vice President David Boaz.  He discussed the various threats to liberty and how we can combat them.  He also gave us hope by sharing the story of East Germans behind the Iron Curtain, who risked their lives to organize their fellow citizens and eventually overthrow one of the most powerful and totalitarian governments in history.

All in all it was a tremendous event for everyone involved.  Special thanks to the Drexel Student Liberty Front, and SFL Executive Board Member Pericles Niarchos in particular, for putting countless hours into making the event possible.

If you missed out on this one, don’t worry, there are 8 more regional conferences coming up this fall.  They are free to attend and registration only takes a minute, so visit www.PoliticalConferences.org now to learn more and register today.