The European Libertarian Student Summit held in Brussels last week represents a great step in advancing liberty in Europe. Many students from all European countries had the chance to combine their activities trying to build a European unified network of classical liberal and libertarian students. How to start a group dedicated to liberty, how to evaluate its success, how to fundraise, and how to build an economics club on campus, are just few of topics tackled during the meeting under the guidance of Tom Palmer, Pierre Garello, and Steve Davies.

The last day was entirely dedicated to discussing the possibility of a unified European student movement under the name of European Students For Liberty. The European Liberty Conference in Milan (11-12th October) will be another important step in making this real.

This is the document that came out from the conference held August 25-28:


We are a number of European libertarian student associations around Europe. We share a set of values that include a free and open society, individual liberty and responsibility and a free and open market economy.

The EU was first started exactly for the purpose of promoting a free and open European society but we feel that the Union progressively moved away from such values. We think that Europe needs to rediscover and embrace these values and make them the founding values of our society.

We acknowledge that in order for us to more effectively pursue such goals we need to act in a coordinated way across Europe, for example to share ideas, contacts, networks, etc.

We think the most effective way to pursue such goals is to create a pan-European network called “European Students For Liberty” (ESFL), made up of all national libertarian student association in Europe. This would enable us to more easily share information and it would also be an effective way to raise funds for Europe-wide initiatives.

Drawing inspiration from the great success of Students For Liberty in US, we think ESFL should be structured as follows:

1) Every country should have its national Students For Liberty movement/coordinator. (one correspondent for Germany, one for Belgium, etc.). If in a country there are more than one libertarian associations, we think they should team up as soon as possible and produce a national coordinator.

2) There should also be an ESFL network of campus coordinators (one correspondent for HEC, one correspondent for Antwerp University, one correspondent for Berlin University, etc.).

3) Every year, all national coordinators meet for an Executive Board retreat where coordination issues will be discussed: strategies, battles, fundraising, etc.

4) Every year, all national coordinators and campus coordinators meet to discuss more details, etc.

5) We will organize a European Liberty Conference (2 days) every year with academic purposes. We will invite professors, thinkers, philosophers, etc. to discuss the modern challenges of Liberty in Europe. We may be talking about the debt crisis, about libertarian laws, etc.

We think the next things we should do AS SOON AS POSSIBLE are:
nominate the first temporary national coordinators for each represented nation;
nominate the first temporary campus coordinators for each represented University;
Facebook group;
write proper Articles of Associations that will eventually lead to the creation of a legal private entity called “European Students For Liberty”;
create ESFL website with mission, members, a blog, contacts, etc.;

Students For Liberty has a motto: “A free academy, a free society”. We will make our best efforts to render Europe freer.

Brussels, 28th August 2010

The libertarian revolution in Europe is starting now!