The DC Forum For Freedom is hosting its LAST spring semester lecture at the Cato Institute on Friday, April 30th! They will be having Mr. Jim Harper, Director of Information Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, address the great copyright debate of intellectual property. A Q&A will follow.

Modern computing and communications make each person a bigger consumer—and producer—of copyrighted material than ever before. But how well is copyright law working? The constitution authorizes Congress to secure authors’ rights to their writings, but even the term “intellectual property” lacks consensus. Some say people are entitled to own the products of their minds as much as the products of their hands, and copyright law undercuts these natural rights. Others say that copyright law is too restrictive, giving authors power to control information far beyond what is justified. Jim Harper will survey some of the key arguments in debates about copyright and intellectual property, examining information policies that will only grow in importance.

The Cato Institute will feature a live webcast of the lecture and host a discussion board, so that students across the world can listen to and participate in a Q&A session with the speakers.