Students For Liberty attended CPAC this year with the goal of spreading the message of liberty and finding young pro-liberty students to bring into our network.  We were successful with the latter, meeting many young advocates of liberty who were simply unaware that there is an option beyond the typical left/right political spectrum.

However, our greatest accomplishment came in spreading the message of liberty.  SFL’s Executive Director Alexander McCobin delivered a speech praising CPAC for welcoming GOProud as a co-sponsor (a gay conservative group), a symbolic gesture of openness and tolerance.  The response was unexpected:

Alexander McCobin’s speech and Ryan Sorba’s hostile response sparked a media firestorm around the event.  Commentators from all sides of the political spectrum were surprised that McCobin was cheered and Sorba booed off the stage at CPAC.  Diverse media outlets such as The Daily Kos, ThinkProgress,, The Daily Caller, The American Conservative, The Atlantic, and Hot Air came to generally the same conclusion: That this year’s CPAC was marked by a never before seen level of libertarianism.

Below is a list compiling the different media sources that have covered the controversy.  As you see they come from varied political and cultural points of view. Without Alexander McCobin’s speech and the support of the  many pro-liberty attendees (thanks to Campaign For Liberty & Young Americans for Liberty for organizing so many liberty supporters), this message would not have reached such a wide audience: “Students today recognize that freedom does not come in pieces.  Freedom is a single concept that applies to the social as well as the economic realms and should be defended at all times”

Special thanks to the Gay Patriot for covering this story and being one of the big organizations that have focused on the full story behind this issue.  The Gay Patriot will be interviewing McCobin tonight (Feb 24) at 10pm EST to discuss the CPAC controversy, Students For Liberty, and the future of liberty.  You can listen to the discussion here:

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