Today our focus turns to the west coast and the fantastic work done there by Mike Sertic at California State University,Mike Sertic headshot 3 Sacramento.  Mike took the initiative to start the CSUS Students For Liberty and has created one of the most active pro-liberty groups in the country where there had been no pro-liberty presence before.  Along with his activism on campus, he has also taken a leadership role the region, organizing and networking the various pro-liberty groups in the bay area.  To top it all off he was recently featured in a front page story in his local paper on health care mandates which started a debate over the issue in the local media.

Mike is living proof that even when you think you’re alone in your beliefs, a little hard work and dedication can turn a lone  individual into passionate group fighting for liberty.

  • Founded the Students For Liberty at California State University – Sacramento
    • No previous pro-liberty presence at CSUS.
    • Started the group and attracted members by holding a sign on campus saying “I’ll keep my guns, my money, my freedom, you keep the change”.
    • Held numerous tabling events on the quad to boost membership with other creative signs such as CSUS 2“STUDENTS FOR LIBERTY – Defend Liberty, Defeat Statism”.
  • Campus Activism
    • Passed out Pocket Constitutions on Constitution day
    • Conducted multiple Operation Politically Homeless events, and had well over two hundred students and faculty take the brief quiz.  The results indicated a slightly left of center student body, with numerous libertarians.
    • Held weekly meetings along with Round Table campus discussion groups.
    • Hosted Students Rights Week, with two screenings of Indoctrinate U.
  • Media Coverage
    • Quoted in a front page story on individual health care mandates in the Sacramento Bee:
      • “Michael Sertic, a college senior studying economics, is young and healthy, and he doesn’t want the government forcing him to buy health insurance. He is among a group of people on both the right and the left ends of the political spectrum who object to proposals in Congress that would compel nearly every American to buy health insurance or face a fine. ‘I happen to believe it’s unconstitutional. Government shouldn’t be forcing someone to pay for someone else’s health care,’ said Sertic, 24, a member of Students for Liberty, a club at California State University, Sacramento, that espouses libertarian values.”
      • His quotes in the article launched a letter to the editor debate in the paper: