Last Wednesday a special edition of Freedom Watch streamed live from the campus of Drexel University.  The Drexel Student Liberty Front did a fantastic job of organizing the event and should be congratulated for their great work on behalf of liberty.  Special guests included SFL Mid-Atlantic Director Irena Schneider and SFL Executive Director Alexander McCobin.   Check out the videos below.

Pericles Niarchos, President of the Drexel Student Liberty Front and SFL’s Alexander McCobin discuss the concept of a just war and how students are responding to Obama’s continuation of the Bush wars.

Discussion of the current financial fiasco and why students are suddenly taking action on fiscal issues.

Stacy Litz, Vice President of the Drexel Student Liberty Front, and Aaron Moyer of the Philadelphia Forum for Freedom discuss our current threats to liberty and how students are responding.

Irena Schneider and Alexander McCobin discuss the growth of the student movement for liberty.