SwarthoutOn Monday, Sept 28, Michael Moore spoke at George Washington University about his new film, Capitalism: A Love Story.  One of the leaders of the GWU Liberty Society, Chad Swarthout (who is an active member of Students For Liberty, formerly a leader in the London School of Economics Hayek Society while studying abroad, leader in the DC Forum for Freedom, and all around great guy), managed to get up and question Michael Moore.  Focusing on the fact that most of the problems with the current US economic system being a result of government intervention and excessive influences of personal preferences in government regulation, Chad got Michael Moore to admit that the U.S. is not a free market, and point out that if the government doesn’t represent the people, maybe we just shouldn’t give the government so much power.

Watch the full clip here

Notice the sweet “Capitalism” shirt that he’s wearing.  SFL will be offering shirts like this to student groups holding pro-liberty activist events via our new Student Protests Resources in conjunction with Bureaucrash.

The Q&A begins with this:

Chad Swarthout: “Realistically, is a system of private property, and a free market, which is capitalism, really a problem?  Or is it really the fact that we’re giving too much power to government, and giving too much power to those who are working within government…?”

Michael Moore:  “Sure.  See, we don’t really have a free market.  We don’t have free enterprise in this country.”

And then Michael Moore turns it back to Chad:

Moore: “This democracy where I get to elect people isn’t working.  What is the solution now?  I ask you, senior at GW.”

Swarthout: “Take away the power of government.  I mean, they don’t work for you.”

Moore: “But the government is supposed to be of by and for the people.”

Swarthout: “But you admit that it doesn’t work that way.”

Moore: “I know… laugh… But I’m trying to hang on to whatever little optimism I have left inside of me.”

Swarthout: “I have optimism for all of us in here, but I don’t have optimism for politicians.”

Watch the full video to see the entire thing. Great job Chad!